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Feb 24th, 2020

Taking It Live: How Live and Evergreen Digital Fundraising Events are Revolutionizing Ministry Fundraising

Ron Weber from Trinet Internet Solutions presents a new approach to digital fundraising that has proven to be more effective than email, direct mail, and other methods. Live digital fundraising events utilize the power of digital advertising engines to seek out prospective donors, engage them with meaningful content in a live event, educate them, and ultimately, convert them to become a friend of the ministry. Then evergreen digital fundraising events leverage the live event to create an ongoing source of new donor prospects.

Feb 24th, 2020

Top 10 Tools To Streamline Ministry Content Production

John Carley, CEO of Trinet Internet Solutions, presents the top ten tools to streamline ministry digital content production. These tools cover writing, graphics, video, analysis, and more to streamline your staff, and your own efforts so that you can get more done while making your content look and sound professional, allowing you to reach more people with your digital ministry content.

Feb 14th, 2020

Five Fresh Digital Fundraising Approaches

Frustrated with digital campaigns that fail to deliver? Do you find that your digital fundraising efforts are losing the punch they used to have? Or perhaps they have never achieved what you would have hoped? Ron Weber, COO of Trinet Internet Solutions presents five fresh techniques to make a difference in your digital fundraising approach. See some new examples and applications that have been recently tried, tested and proven to be successful. Topics to be covered include content subscription strategies, evergreen donor funnels, YouTube ad targeting, email list growth tactics, and inexpensive digital donor rewards.

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