Importance of a California Based Qualifying Expert Witness in Website And Digital Marketing Trials

It is very important to review expert witness services when a California expert witness is needed to testify as a qualifying expert witness in websites, social media, digital marketing, or other digital media matters. An expert witness establishes the standard of care in deposition and court testimony. The standard of care is what the administrator and or attorney should do or not do in a situation. The expert witness needs to be a qualifying expert witness to testify to the standard of care.

The best qualifying expert witness for expert witness services (when a California based expert witness is needed) is an expert witness who actually works or acts on an ongoing basis as leader, innovator, and manager in the field of websites and digital marketing. It is critical that the expert witness also acts as an advisor in advising others in the field of website and digital marketing.

For over 25 years, Trinet’s 2 executive leaders have acted as a producers, consultants, and advisers in all forms of Internet technology. When acting as a qualifying expert witness, Mr. Carley (CEO) and Mr. Weber (COO) have been a website and digital marketing witness and a technology expert witness on the standard of care, not only acting as a advisor, but also advising others acting as an attorney in advising a fiduciary.

Presently, and for the past 5 years, Mr. Carley and Mr. Weber have been providing expert witness services ranging from Website disputes, app reviews, digital marketing research, performance of e-commerce and social media technologies. This extensive experience as a California expert witness furnishing expert witness services adds to theirs ability to help clients, and adds to their ability to furnish expert witness services.

Mr. Weber has both an Engineering Degree and a MBA, while Mr. Carley holds a Business Leadership Degree with minor studies in Computer Science and multiple technology certifications, along with a robust staff backing up our leaders with advanced programming, design, development, e-commerce, social media, Internet software, Internet Hardware, and all kinds of Internet and digital marketing background. Expert Witness Resumes are available upon request.

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