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Welcome to Trinet's Thought Leadership Resources page, where you can download Trinet's free white papers, articles and presentations on web marketing tips and trends.

Mar 28th, 2019

5 Tips for Digital Fundraising

Frustrated with digital campaigns that fail to deliver? Do you find that your digital fundraising efforts are losing the punch they used to have? Or perhaps they have never achieved what you would have hoped? In this presentation, learn 5 new tips for effective digital fundraising from Trinet, an award-winning leader in effective fundraising digital strategy. Download now to learn more!

Mar 28th, 2019

Church Media 101: If You Build it, That Doesn't Mean They Will Come

SEO, Adwords, AnalyticsÖ. You can throw those words around and your Pastor may think you know what youíre talking about, but do you really have a grasp of how to use those things to get more people to your website? Just because you have a great site doesnít mean people will find it or spend any time browsing your site to learn more about your church or more importantly, Jesus. Learn some basics you can take back with you to enhance your internet presence. Download now to learn more!

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