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Sep 29th, 2021

Webinar for Ministries Ė Ministry Deplatforming and Continuity

Every day, more and more ministries are experiencing ďdeplatformingĒ, whereby their videos, posts, emails, and even credit card processing are removed or terminated because they are expressing Christian beliefs that are characterized as hateful or offensive by the major digital platforms. Join Ron Weber, Chief Operating Officer at Trinet Internet Solutions and Greg Outlaw, CEO of All About God, Inc. to discuss the serious issue of increasing ministry deplatforming, and how ministries can proactively put in place steps and contingencies to minimize ministry disruption when it occurs. In this webinar you will learn the following:

  1. Understand the definitions. What is deplatforming, how does it happen, and what are the results.
  2. Get insight from real world deplatforming experience.
  3. Learn how to prepare and put in place steps to mitigate deplatforming disruption.

The webinar host, Mr. Weber, is the Chief Operating Officer at Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc., a digital marketing firm with main offices in Irvine, California. Trinet has a twenty-five year track record of developing advanced and successful digital media experiences including digital advertising, websites, webinars, and streaming media designed specifically for high business impact. Trinetís clients include Gospel for Asia, Billy Graham, Trinity Broadcasting, and many others. Ronís passion is to share how ministries can prepare and mitigate deplatforming events.

The webinar special guest, Mr. Outlaw, is the CEO of All About God ministries, a digital stealth evangelism ministry. is one of the largest all digital evangelical outreaches in terms of impact on the Internet solely using search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), and video search engine optimization (VSEO) techniques to drive surgically targeted traffic. Over 430 million visitors have come to the AAG network of websites through Almighty Godís blessing these strategies from May 2002 to December 2019, with more than 3 million professions of faith. As an all digital ministry, our consultant, Greg Outlaw, has experienced deplatforming first hand, and has developed a comprehensive program to combat and minimize the effect of deplatforming on the spread of the Gospel message.

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