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Welcome to Trinet's Thought Leadership Resources page, where you can download Trinet's free white papers, articles and presentations on web marketing tips and trends.

Apr 28th, 2016

Growth Hacking

It doesn't matter how amazing your business or business idea is, growing a company isn't easy. It isn't just about traditional marketing strategies anymore; there is something larger, something that introduces a new meaning to the word 'growth', and they're called "growth hackers".

Dec 2nd, 2014

Online Marketing: How to Advance Your Business on Internet Connected TV

Connected TVs, or televisions that are hooked up to the Internet, consume over a quarter of U.S. households today and is expected to grow to 759 million worldwide in 2018. Do you have video content you want to repurpose for a TV channel? Learn how you can take advantage of this growing trend and monetize your videos for your business!

Feb 24th, 2014

Future Trends: How Internet Use Affects Your Ministry

There is no neutral position when it comes to the Internet. Whether you use it or you donít, it still affects your organization. If knowledge is power, join us for this session and learn the most important Internet trends so that you can make an informed decision for the direction of your ministry relating to new media and digital technologies including mobile devices, tablets, and Internet-connected TV. Find out the future trends so that you can prepare strategically to maximize your results.

Feb 22nd, 2014

ROI Happy: 10 Secrets to Building an Effective Web-Based Ministry and Boosting Your Return on Investment

With todayís economy, web properties need to generate results, whether it is a financial return on investment, spiritual return on investment, or both. In this session, you will learn the top 10 ways you can strategically increase the effectiveness of your ministryís online properties on and off your site. This session features tips from industry leaders to get you the ROI you need and turn the web into a living ministry.

Mar 11th, 2013

Channeling Internet TV & Chiseling Tablet Apps for Your Ministry

This session examines some of the hottest emerging technology trends that will impact your ministry over the next two years. Learn about the newest trends in Internet TV and tablet applications, with demonstrations of the technologies you will be using in your ministry between now and 2015. This is a high level session intended to alert you to new trends coming down the pike, and how they will impact radio, TV, churches and ministries.

Feb 29th, 2012

Made to Stick: How Apps, Widgets & Tools Create Engaged Visitors

How can you increase user participation with your website? Desiging the right engagement strategy for your ministry or organization is the key to forming a highly involved audience. Learn how to implement effective engagement tools and strategiest to better participate with current followers and increase your support base.

Oct 24th, 2011

Trinet Tips: Internet Connected TV

As more people incorporate the Internet with their daily TV viewing, the challenge for companies becomes how to offer personalized widgets, applications and optimized websites to enhance the entertainment experience of their supporters. Developing an effective TV application or TV-friendly website requires a well thought-out strategy that recognizes the audience and their interactions with the television medium.

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