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Jul 16th, 2020

Webinar for Ministries - How to Stop Losing Prospective Donors by Using a Digital Lead Generation Vortex

The donor development process has changed, and ministries need to find new ways to reach donors and get heard through the noise. Instead of focusing on one digital platform, the digital lead generation vortex combines digital marketing tools in order to identify, convert, and nurture continuous relationships with donors.

Join Ron Weber, Chief Operating Officer of Trinet Internet Solutions,for this special webinar designed specifically for ministries to learn how to stop getting lost in online noise so that you can bring in ongoing donor leads, break free of stagnancy, and grow to unprecedented success.

  • Discover the best ways to seek, qualify, and target leads online. Topics to be covered include digital advertising, landing pages & microsites, social media, content marketing, and more.
  • Understand how to engage, nurture, and educate leads so that they become donors. See some practical ways you can transform every stage of your online fundraising process to most effectively create ongoing donors.
  • Learn the best practices to position your call to action. Give your call to actions the punch they were meant to have!

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