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Stay Ahead of the Curve With Our Team of Industry Experts

Trinet?s team of Web Strategists provides complimentary Webinars to keep you updated on the latest web marketing tips and trends. To learn more about any of these topics, contact us at

Mar 7th, 2014

NRB 2014 Recap: Key Takeaways on Future Trends and ROI

Join our CEO, John Carley, and our COO, Ron Weber, as they recap their educational sessions from the 2014 NRB Convention. On Future Trends, John will discuss new media and digital trends that are shaping todayís ministries. On Boosting ROI, Ron will cover 10 things to consider when increasing the effectiveness of your ministryís web-based initiatives.

Sep 11th, 2013

Internet Connected TV: How to Turn a New Trend into a Business Tool

Competition for consumer attention is at an all-time high and many organizations are starting to use the TV and internet together to create a richer entertainment experience. If you're looking to build your target audience engagement and enhance overall user experience, Internet Connected TV may just be the perfect next step in growing your organization. Learn more as our CEO dives into the benefits of using Internet Connected TV for your organization.

Mar 27th, 2013

NRB 2013 Trinet Recap: Essential Takeaways for 2013 Results

Trinet has a proven track record in getting results. Attend this webinar and learn how to maximize online success for your ministry in 2013. Our web experts will recap Internet topics discussed at this yearís NRB along with a look into how your ministry will benefit from the latest web trends and key fundamentals such as Internet Connected TV, Mobile & Tablet Apps, Online Fundraising, Email Marketing, Social Media, and more! Now is the time to see positive web results for your ministry.

Mar 10th, 2011

Essential Web Strategies for Ministries

The experts at Trinet recap many of the topics presented during the 2011 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention. Youíll learn the latest trends in online fundraising, email marketing, mobile applications, QR codes and social media.

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