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Generation Joshua: Website Design & Development

Generation Joshua (GenJ) employed Trinet Internet Solutions to redesign their current website into a multi-functional website that is easy to navigate, provides real-time account creation, as well as the clear delineation of subscription content. GenJ’s website went live March 11, 2016 and has since shown how GenJ’s programs are fun, hands-on educational opportunities taught by teachers with years of experience.

GenJ’s new website was designed to appeal to the teenage student while providing information to assist parents in understanding the value of the program for their students. Special focus was made to enhance the site’s usability, particularly in regards to the sign-up process and information architecture for displaying membership content. The website was designed and launched on the Sitefinity platform and structured for future integration with Aptify.

Screenshot of GenJ website

Services Provided:
  • Website design, development, test, and launch
  • development on Sitefinity platform
  • Implementation of action pathways into the website
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  • Website poised for future integration with Aptify
  • Simplified sign-up process
  • Enhanced visual appeal
  • Improved Distance Learning process
  • Easy navigation
  • Implementation of persona action pathways to maximize website effectiveness
  • Launched on time and on budget

  • 2016 Gold & Silver Communicator Awards

2016 Gold and Silver Communicator Awards


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