Angels & Demons - Is There Truth Behind the Fiction?
One Website Enlightens the Path of Illumination with Facts

IRVINE, Calif., - May 13, 2009 - With the world-wide premier of Angels and Demons approaching, the average viewer will need help pinpointing reality with Dan Brown’s perfect blend of fact and fiction.

Today, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. launched the, which distinguishes firm facts from an entertaining storyline.

In a sense, Dan Brown reinvents history to build an engaging plot. We loved the storyline, but our goal was to help separate the beautifully merged fact and fiction for audiences who take the content seriously," said John Carley, Trinet's president.

Trinet Internet Solutions created this website for Westminster Theological Seminary to help educate audiences about the verifiable elements of the thrilling storyline.

With an online buzz for answers, the presents many of the high-charged questions that arise before and after the premier, including facts about antimatter, bio-ethics, Illuminati Ambigrams, hidden archives, religious symbology and the Freemasons secret society.

Site visitors who believe Angels and Demons crumbles the foundations of Christianity can test their ability to distinguish reality from a riveting storyline with the “Fact or Fiction?” quiz. They can also browse through historical and scientific references, geographical maps and scholarly articles concerning:

  • Is the foundation of Christianity based on pagan secret societies?
  • Does a symbol--filled Path of Illumination actually exist?
  • Is the Bible true?
  • Can science and religion coexist?

With scientific, historical and religious realities set as the backdrop for a fictional storyline, many of the divisive debates stirred by The Da Vinci Code are expected to arise again. Trinet developed for Westminster as well when it premiered in 2006.

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