Increase Revenue with Interactive Web Applications

Does time equal money? Web statistics show the longer time you spend on a website, the greater chances you have of becoming a customer or client. However, capturing a web user's time isn't easy. Time is today's currency, demanding people spend it wisely. Businesses must engage online users through interactive web applications that ultimately increase revenue and awareness.

Creative and easy to use applications always outshine and outsell a plain, informational web page. Your customer will be more inclined to purchase your product if they can customize its features online. An interactive online video provides a compelling presentation of your services resulting in the user taking action. These simple, yet interactive features propel your webrelated revenue to the next level.

Customer Recommendations Seal the Deal: What product or service is right for you? You can convert a web user to customer in the blink of a quiz. Questions personalize the sales process, considering the needs of the buyer. Once your website has gathered the preferences of the potential customer, a custom product or service recommendation can instantly seal the deal. Not to mention, this application provides priceless market research data.

Start Getting Qualified Incoming Leads: Perhaps your business, product or service requires you to educate web users of the benefits of doing business with you before they convert into a customer. Current web analytics show an overwhelming number of web users no longer take time to read paragraphs of information while browsing a website. Businesses wanting to generate new customers through their website must provide an engaging visual experience. By pairing an eLearning Module with a video, users view interactive presentations which include any feature necessary to make them experts about you. With options including videos, product demos, pictures or graphs, users are quickly converted to qualified incoming leads.

Customers Sell Themselves:
Does your company offer custom products or services? In today's fast-paced world, potential customers need to quickly find that you can provide the tailored product or service they need. With a customization tool on your website, users will quickly and easily customize your offering and sell themselves. Prevent your prospects from shopping around by showing them you can provide a personalized solution to meet their unique needs. (In the example below, customers select a part to customize, type in specific dimensions, and then view an image and price of their finished product before ordering.)

Leveraging the latest web technologies, Trinet's full-service web team will determine or even invent what interactive features are right for your revenue goals. Businesses all over Southern California increase their online sales or generate new clients by engaging with Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. from conception and strategy to design and implementation, let the experts in digital innovation help your bottom line.