Viral marketing campaign reaches 15,000 Second Life users

Irvine, CA – December 12, 2007 – Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. provides online web expertise to IMAX for a successful Second Life campaign which reaches 15,000 unique users during the launch of the recent Harry Potter movie.

Companies are still learning how to best utilize the whole Second Life world – you may have heard of stories of companies building islands and waiting for the masses to arrive.  IMAX wanted to take a different and proactive approach and launched a campaign which involved handing out free tickets and IMAX/Potter related items that turned users into walking billboards.

In tradition with the thinking at Trinet, Trinet built a “think big” interface for the campaign which offered avatars a free ticket to see the film in IMAX.  This campaign-specific landing page included registration/sign-up for the IMAX newsletter, with email code for redeeming the ticket.

Successful?  You bet.  In fact, IMAX raised the free tickets 200% and saw a large increase in fan subscriptions as a result.  “This was a really fun project to work on.  Second Life is so new and there are plenty of people out there still trying to figure out how to maximize its potential – it’s just great to be a part of one of the success stories,” notes Danielle Berry, Director of Sales and Marketing who also acted as the Account Executive for this particular project.  “The opportunities are still pretty endless.  At Trinet, we’re always looking for new clients who want to break the barriers and are interested in being the first mover on some of the great online technologies and opportunities we’re seeing these days. “

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