19th Fastest Growing Privately-Held Company in Orange County, #1 Interactive Agency

IRVINE, CA – OCTOBER 12, 2007 - Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. was recently ranked the 19th Fastest Growing Privately-Held Company in Orange County, CA by the Orange County Business Journal. With headquarters in Irvine, CA, and a satellite office in the metro Washington DC area, Trinet has earned the position of #1 Fastest Growing Interactive Agency in Orange County.  Trinet sits in the company of some of Southern California’s beloved brands like In N’ Out, Chipotle, Vizio and Wahoo’s, and now turns its focus towards the future and maintaining this growth.

With 12 years of experience in web marketing, Trinet has learned some valuable lessons along the way – primarily that growth is “non-negotiable. “ John Carley, founder and president of Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. originally started the company in 1995 in Newport Beach, CA, where Trinet enjoyed profits even through the dot-com bomb and steadily climbed to today’s status as the longest-standing and largest interactive agency in Orange County.

There are many reasons for Trinet’s growth, but foremost among them are the people who make up the organization. With a conscious effort and a steady eye for recruiting specialists in every area of web marketing, Trinet strategically selects professionals who set themselves apart from their peers. By keeping on this course, Trinet is able to set itself apart from its competition and plans to continue down this path for years to come.

According to Carley, "Paramount to Trinet’s success is the foundational concept that a spirit of entrepreneurship at every level in the organization is required. Not only is it required, but it’s at the core of who we are and the reason for our success."  
Orange County, and Irvine in particular, is the ideal place for entrepreneurialism to thrive; the environment is competitive, diverse and complex –making Trinet’s accomplishment all the more substantial. Undoubtedly growth and success is required to maintain Trinet’s status in an ever-growing competitive market. Carley’s response: “Bring it on.”

About the Orange County Business Journal:
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About Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.:
Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. is a full-service eMarketing agency headquartered in Irvine, CA with an East Coast office in the Metro Washington, D.C. area. Founded in 1995 and now an award-winning agency with over two hundred clients, the company has grown to have expert capabilities in: eMarketing strategy and consulting services, Web design and development, application programming and eMarketing management and measurement services.


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