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IRVINE, Calif., – December 14, 2011 – Orange County web design firm, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. has developed a comprehensive online strategy for Restore America to achieve its online goal of increasing the evangelical vote in the 2012 elections.

Restore America believes that when Christian voters take their civic responsibilities seriously, and return to the polls, America will be restored to its foundational Christian ideals and principles. The goal of Restore America is to increase the number of evangelical voters to be 3 million more in 2012 compared to the number in 2008.

In order to make this vision a reality, Restore America has turned to Trinet Internet Solutions to develop and implement a roadmap for online success.

"This is a huge undertaking," stated David Crowe, Director of Restore America. "We needed to make sure that we went with an accomplished and reputable team to help make this happen."

Trinet Internet Solutions CEO & President, John Carley commented, "Trinet is excited to be part of Restore America's team working on a goal of reaching 3 million additional evangelical voters by November of 2012." Trinet Chief Operating Officer Ron Weber added "We are really proud of the online roadmap that we developed for David Crowe and the Restore America team, and we look forward to working together with them through the roll-out of this project."

After extensive research and analysis of Restore America’s online goals, taking into consideration industry best practices and Restore America’s current online efforts, Trinet developed a strategy tailored to Restore America’s needs. The strategy developed will pioneer new ground, utilize online assets including websites, social media, online advertising, viral content and other means to achieve an offline result.

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About Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.:
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About Resore America:
Founded in 1999, Restore America is a nonprofit organization working for the restoration and preservation of America "Under God."


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