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Reasons to Believe

The "science-faith think tank" known as Reasons to Believe, offers scientific articles and in-depth research on Christianity. However, with just three long pages on their website and advertisements scattered among articles, finding specific topics could give an interested visitor scroll-itis! Trinet's remedy included a dose of organization and visual ease.

To streamline their content, we created a central “Topics Portal” that allows site visitors to preview all articles, media files and items that relate to a certain topic of study. The new organization structure, paired with stunning design and some incredible flash pieces, creates an extraordinary learning experience for visitors. To reach target audiences, Trinet created personalized home pages with content geared toward "newcomers, apologists, skeptics, students, the curious and pastors."

Also, Reasons to Believe is the first website to feature our Spiritual Concierge. This interactive survey asks visitors to agree or disagree with various statements of faith. Once completed, the concierge offers content relevant to their level of spirituality. As a result, the spiritual concierge captures priceless feedback on the makeup of their audience and allows the team to increase web traffic by personalizing the visitor experience.

Services Provided:
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Website Redevelopment
  • Content Management System
  • Topics Portal
  • Donation Page
  • Flash
  • Spiritual Concierge

  • Just one month after launching their new site, their page views increased by about 2,000 a day and time on site increased by one minute.

  • “It wasn't until we began working with Trinet that we've truly blossomed into cutting edge technologies for our web site.”
    - Phil Chien, Head of Web Services

  • 2009 Stevie Awards Finalist – Nonprofit


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