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Faithful Central Bible Church

Faithful Central Bible Church (FCBC), led by Bishop Kenneth Ulmer in Los Angeles, reached out to Trinet to build a website that effectively captures FCBC’s vision to bring people closer to God, keep them engaged and involved, and promote outreach within their communities. Trinet joins with FCBC to create a truly remarkable website that successfully meets each of FCBC’s objectives. The award winning new website intentionally highlights and draws attention to FCBC’s immediate upcoming events, ensures audience awareness of future scheduled events, facilitates greater participation and maximum viewing and sharing of all of FCBC’s ministries, presentations and broadcasts.

While an interactive rotating banner draws attention to FCBC’s immediate events, a comprehensive and detailed events calendar, including each of FCBC’s different ministry groups, keeps FCBC’s audience informed of all future events. A search function that yields results from content throughout the site, including a complete archive of pre-recorded sermons and lessons, delivers state of the art navigation. Finally, in keeping with FCBC’s goals, the new site prominently features Bishop Ulmer’s Building Champions Radio program, and through embedded media players provides FCBC’s audience with 24/7 streaming access to pre-recorded weekly sermons, presentations and professionally produced news segments.

Services Provided:
  • Strategy consulting
  • Extensive events calendar
  • Embedded media player and media library
  • Links to ACS functionality for donations and group management
  • Links to Shopify for items
  • Successful event emails
Website Features:
  • Drupal CMS
  • Search Function
  • Media Portal
  • Media Players
  • Interactive Rotating Banner
  • Donation Capability
  • Events Calendar
  • 8% year on year increase in new website visitors
  • 7% mobile traffic increase
  • 20% increase in visitors to the Service Schedule page
  • 2012 Web Award, Faith Based Standard of Excellence
2012 Web Award, Faith Based Standard of Excellence


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