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Whether your website is large or small, there's almost always something unique you would like done in order to distinguish you from all the rest.

Trinet specializes in custom programming for websites. To build a lively, content-rich site, Trinet's programming team can program using; ASP, XML, Javascript, Perl, C++, VBscript, PHP, XHTML, AJAX, and DHTML. Creating a custom solution for your Internet idea is our expertise.

Some examples of cool modules created for ministry websites are up-to-the-minute schedules for radio and TV, ministry subsites that tie into pastor and staff bios and contact info,  dynamic calendars, zip code locators for special projects, worldwide missionary maps, and many other unique and useful tools.

Also, donating to ministries is made easy by allowing people to send their information through on web.  Tithes and donations can be made real-time and allow for a variety of choices in payment methods.

Samaritan's Purse
A major ministry uses Trinet to program out an extensive website more...


Trinet Specializes in Assisting Businesses with Web, Internet and New Media Solutions
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