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Interactive Agency Orange County

The Difference an Experienced Interactive Agency in Orange County Provides You

There is no doubt you can stumble upon many different interactive agencies in Orange County, CA, but what do they really offer? And is it the best for your business or non-profit? When hiring an interactive agency for your design, development, online marketing project, etc. make sure you verify the following:

  1. What is their experience? - There are many interactive agencies which have either just started doing business or have within the past couple of years. Many of the good and qualified ones will have been around for a while, in excess of 5 years. An interactive agency in Orange County that has been in business for more than 5 years has done something right. The level of competition and quality that is expected is too strong in Southern California. If the agency can't cut it, they will be gone. Going with a newer agency might come back to haunt you in many respects: project not getting completed, excessive delays, agency closing doors in middle of your project, problems with outsourced services from the agency, and on. Going with a reputable interactive agency that has the experience to complete your projects within budget and on time is essential.

  2. What skills and capabilities do they have? - An exceptional interactive agency in Orange County will handle every web related need your company can come up with. This would include everything from professional custom web design and development, custom application development, webcasting, white hat search engine optimization, social media optimization, and search engine marketing, email marketing, and more. Within many of these categories are several sub-categories. Some agencies will specialize in certain areas, for instance a design firm, or SEO firm. Larger more established agencies will handle all aspects of your web properties, from design all the way through marketing.

  3. What type of work do they do and what type of clientele do they do work for? - As stated above, there are several specific specialties within the interactive agency agenda. Does the agency you are contemplating have certain specialties which line up with what you want to accomplish? Are they limited in their resources to accomplish the objectives you have for your projects? Take a look at their past and current client list. What types of clients has the interactive agency done work for? If all you see are small-time clients, then you should expect to get what you are paying for. An interactive agency with a large client list including some well-known brand names, and years of experience, will result in a completed project that meets your objectives.

  4. Is the agency you are considering an award winner? - This may sound a bit odd, but an interactive agency in Orange County that wins awards, and multiple awards, is something to take note of. The web design word is a very competitive space. There are literally thousands of web design and interactive agencies across the U.S. Winning awards for web design, application development, client marketing initiatives, etc. is not an easy task. Often, there are thousands of entries into the more prestigious contests. So when an interactive agency wins awards, multiple awards, over timeĀ…it is something to take note of. Winning prestigious awards indicate that an agency is more than capable of completing projects that exceed expectations for clients. You want to hire award winners, it just makes sense. Award winning entries get increased exposure, for free, around the Internet and world for their company.

  5. How many employees does the agency have working for it? - Although it isn't everything, the amount of employees at the interactive agency in Orange County is a thing to consider. Start-up companies usually have few employees, under 10. Sure, some of them might be really good at what they do, which is usually sales, but selling a project doesn't get it completed, and usually doesn't make it an award winner. Smaller companies tend to outsource work. It is the only way they can get it completed. The agency you hired is really a shell, a more accurate description would be a freelance portal. More established interactive agencies will have multiple employees with specialists on staff. You can expect an agency of this size to have over 25 employees. They may even have multiple locations. The question really is, do you want an agency that is capable of taking your project from start to finish in house with a team of specialists, or would you rather have the project completed by a small staff of sales people and the outsources designers, programmers, marketing specialists, etc. who often times don't know each other? There is a reason to go with an established interactive agency.

  6. Lastly, what have the agencies clients been saying about them? - Does the interactive agency in Orange County you are considering have positive client feedback? This is extremely important. You need to see a wide range of client stories, from smaller businesses to the main-line brands. These positive stories will help you determine the type of agency you are considering. Stories from real people, clients, add credibility to the agency's ability to complete your project on time, on budget, and within scope.

  7. If you apply these 6 rules for finding a qualified interactive agency in Orange County, you should be able to select one that meets and exceeds your expectations for your next project.

    Since 1995, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. has been providing clients in Orange County and across the U.S. with exceptional award-winning web design, development, and online marketing. With over 50 employees in two offices, the corporate headquarters in Orange County and the other in Washington, D.C., Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. has worked to develop a team of specialists and experts to meet and exceed client's expectations. Specialties at the interactive agency include web design, development, custom application development, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, blog design and development, PPC campaigns, email marketing, and more. Contact Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. today at 949.442.8900 or send an email to to discuss your interactive needs. The staff at Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. looks forward to working closely with you on your interactive projects to see the success you anticipate.

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