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NRB 2014 Recap: Key Takeaways on Future Trends and ROI

Join our CEO, John Carley, and our COO, Ron Weber, as they recap their educational sessions from the 2014 NRB Convention. On Future Trends, John will discuss new media and digital trends that are shaping today’s ministries. On Boosting ROI, Ron will cover 10 things to consider when increasing the effectiveness of your ministry’s web-based initiatives.
To learn more about Trinet's complimentary webinars, contact Hailey Cho at 949.442.8900.

"Trinet offered an entirely different experience than previous companies we worked with. We got exactly what we were looking for."
- Tim Wang, JX Nippon Oil & Energy

"Our online efforts were crucial to our mission to bring aid to devastated communities. Trinet's expertise helped us respond to those most in need."
- Tina Hudgins, ADRA International

"Trinet is a valuable partner to us. Their insight into the market and how we can best utilize the tools that are available make it possible to maximize our impact in a very effective manner."
- Dave Hoffman, John Stott Ministries

"We are so pleased with the final result. We appreciate the time, work and creativity that you all have put into this effort with us. We look forward to working with you in the future and as our brand evolves."
- Carol Skinner, Juice It Up

"You have all done a tremendous job, and we can't thank you enough for your support of Fred Jordan Missions! May God bless you!"
- Mrs. Willie Jordan, Founder, Fred Jordan Missions

"As the premier island destination in California, we needed our website to convey all there is to see and do on Catalina Island, as well as graphically showcase our natural beauty. Our new website has achieved those goals. Already, visitors are staying on the site 63% longer exploring our destination."
- Wayne Griffin, President & CEO, Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce

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