Why You Shouldn’t Do Internet Marketing Alone

What it is and why it’s harder than you think.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is the process of driving business leads and conversions, relying on online marketing tools. These range from email marketing and SEO to social media marketing and much more. Although there is some overlap between internet marketing and traditional marketing, internet marketing requires an in-depth understanding of technology-based marketing tools and how best to use those to grow your audience online. These often involve very different disciplines as compared with traditional offline marketing methods. The differences are particularly significant, given the rapid pace of advances in internet technology and the ever changing internet marketing landscape.

Running a business requires full dedication and rarely leaves time to stay caught-up with the latest online marketing trends. In particular, businesses relying on outdated in-house print-based marketing teams will prove unsuccessful in digital marketing. Experts in internet marketing understand the different opportunities that exist online. They are highly experienced at identifying your existing online assets, as well as building new assets proven most likely to advance your business, and leverage them to maximize results.

Slightly over a decade ago, internet marketing was limited to email marketing and digital banners placed over third party websites. Over time, this has evolved into numerous different digital advertising tools, with their unlimited combinations:

  • Paid Search
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • AdWords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design

The above, represent only a handful of services – advertising opportunities available in internet marketing today.

The internet has transformed marketing in unique and unprecedented ways. While internet use continues to rise exponentially, traditional channels for advertising remains in steady decline. In fact, many traditional channels for advertising have become almost entirely obsolete. There is a clear inverse correlation here, which cannot be denied.

Google receives over 100 billion searches a month, and most people have abandoned traditional television for YouTube, and Internet TV – Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Firestick. Internet marketing companies can help your business get found on all major search engines like Google and Bing to make sure you stand out and get noticed. In order to compete in business today, it is essential that you hire an internet marketing company to help you leverage your online opportunities.

Internet marketing is much more than making sure your social media has regular feeds through content creation. It is about creating, developing and implementing a sophisticated internet marketing strategy developed with your target audience in mind. By way of a thoughtful and strategic combination of existing internet marketing tools and tactics, an internet marketing company can ensure that your business generates the clicks and conversions that it needs to deliver maximum returns on your marketing dollars.

As an example, even content creation must begin with an in-depth study of your target audience – including analytics, demographics, psychographics and personas. Great content helps you connect with your target audience and appeals to their specific needs and interests. In short, it’s about creating targeted, quality content that resonates with your identified audience and returns the desired action.

To gain more exposure and get noticed, in an age where the next internet trend (and your next great opportunity), could be just a keystroke away) – hire an experienced Internet Marketing Company.

What does an internet marketing company do? An internet marketing company begins by helping your brand grow its digital presence. They also ensure that your digital footprint is thoughtful, meaningfully aligned with your business objectives, and effective at promoting your brand. The goal of internet marketing is to spread awareness about a business and its products, grow an audience and expand a brand’s reach through the use of online tools, including social media.

An experienced internet marketing company aims to multiply your audience, expand your reach, and drive leads that result in clicks and conversions. The best internet marketing companies rely on concrete data and detailed analytics to arrive at the best combination of digital tools and tactics that deliver maximum returns on your investment.

What Can an Internet Marketing Company Do for Me?

Internet marketing involves much more than just a few likes and retweets. Internet marketing requires an in-depth understanding of all available internet marketing channels, relevant technologies and a myriad of different internet marketing tools and tactics. In sum, internet marketing requires expertise in both fundamental marketing principles combined with an in-depth understanding of the numerous technologically based marketing tools.

Internet marketing integrates fundamental marketing concepts including consumer behavior and psychology. It begins by identifying your consumer demographic, then meaningfully targeting and isolating them into carefully defined groups or segments. The different segments are then carefully studied through the application of unique marketing techniques to determine which precise set of “rewards” best elicits the desired action.

An expert in internet marketing begins by understanding relevant customer profiles and then building unique action pathways relying on pertinent profile specific data research and analytics. They apply methods that integrate proven marketing techniques to determine which precise combination of online marketing tools and tactics will prove most likely to drive the results you desire.

A the Very Minimum, an Internet Marketing Company will Ensure that You Keep Pace

More internet users are viewing webpages from mobile devices. According to SmartInsights, “mobile media time in the U.S. is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop at 42%.”This means Websites must adopt a mobile-first mindset.

Your website “authority” – presence or rank on search engine results pages (SERPs), essentially how you are ranked by the most relevant search engine – e.g. Google will be critically affected, and very rapidly, if not swiftly addressed. User friendly (UX) remains an important Google ranking signal (part of an algorithm that determines how your site will rank relative to peer sites). To retain good rankings then, it is imperative that your users do not “bounce” off your page or “click back” from it due to poor view-ability.

Up until recently, the “shrink to fit” mobile site was considered acceptable. And failing to mobile optimize was not detrimental to your user friendly (UX) rankings. However, as your peers increasingly move onto mobile responsive platforms, failing to keep pace necessarily means that your user friendly rankings will suffer. It is expected that your customers will begin bouncing off and clicking away from your mobile site, due to off-putting navigation and shrunken visuals, opting instead for your competitor’s mobile responsive or optimized site.

An Internet Marketing Company Can Make Sure ALL your Devices are Built to Function Optimally, from the Outset

An experienced internet marketing company today will likely build out your desktop site to work efficiently with various mobile devices. The preference today is to begin building with mobile devices in mind. This naturally lends to a move toward a single column format that is more suitable for a mobile-responsive build out, but can also easily expand to accommodate the larger desktop. Basically this means that, unlike building with the larger screen on a desktop in mind, which generally includes a multi-column layout, then later adjusting for mobile, the process is now largely reversed.

Given that your audience, upwards of 51% and steadily increasing, is predominantly interacting with you through mobile devices, beginning with the mobile device in mind makes good sense. The focus is on optimizing your site for mobile. It’s about giving your audience access to the important parts of your business from all portable devices and enhancing your desktop with increased functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Staying Relevant on Social Media

According to Statista, in 2016, 78% of U.S. Americans had a social media profile. 78% of the U.S. population is over 250 million people! Is DIY – or Do it Yourself social media a real option? Not unless you are okay with your mother’s version of the drive through burger. Despite the endless content available online on the how-to’s of successfully building your own social media empire and becoming a virtual overnight Facebook sensation, the truth of the matter is, DIY is fine if the time you spend online is a hobby, but is not recommended for businesses that care to be taken seriously.

Social media marketing involves much more than coming up with clever posts once daily or even several times a week. Social media marketing begins with an in-depth understanding of your brand, and the image and reputation you want to build around it. Ultimately, social media marketing done right, must begin with long term strategic vision. This ensures that the digital footprint you build for your brand is the one you intend, from the very outset. This is important, since upwards of 57% of consumers admit they are more inclined to choose a business after seeing positive comments online.

Internet marketing companies approach social media marketing with long-term strategic vision. They target audiences on social media platforms that will be most likely to resonate with your product. From within those platforms, internet marketing companies further segregate your audience based on factors including: the demographic they most closely represent, differing levels of affinity with particular products, revealed and observed preferences and patterns of behavior, and many others. Once the audience is correctly segmented, internet marketing companies move on to the task of determining what tool or platform is likely to prove most effective. Thereafter, they begin producing content and related media that will most likely to resonate with that audience.

Successful internet marketing also requires that your webpages are well aligned with the brand or image you have invested in building online. Internet marketing companies invest much time in defining clear pathway that not only links your audience to your website’s landing page but guides them toward progressively deepening levels of engagement and ultimately commitment. Your landing page will be carefully designed to capture the essence of your brand, draw in and engage your audience and ultimately guide them toward conversion.

In light of the countless different social media platforms to work with, you can safely turn to an experienced internet marketing company to pinpoint the exact platforms best suited for your particular type of business. They not only understand the various different platforms and how to leverage them effectively to build and grow your audience, but they are also skilled at combining the different internet marketing tools to achieve the very best results.

Internet Marketing Companies Rely Heavily on Data Analytics and Apply them to Optimize your Marketing Campaign

An experienced internet marketing company relies on data collected by examining different potential consumer persona profiles and applying the different digital marketing tools and tactics, followed by a series of A/B testing to ascertain what is effective before they implement a long term marketing plan. There is extensive data that can be extracted from websites and social media platforms. Internet marketing companies know how to set up important data tracking tools designed to extract critical information within relevant web pages. They also know how to properly interpret and apply the data they extract. They rely on critical findings to build a successful internet marketing campaign.

This represents only a small sample of the services that you can expect when you hire an internet marketing company to help grow your business. Ultimately, the reason you hire an internet marketing company is to expand your consumer base, increase your leads and drive the maximum number of conversions. The long-term benefit of hiring the best internet marketing company from the outset is, you can rest assured your digital footprint will be well aligned with your company’s vision and branding – long term.

What Should You Look for in an Internet Marketing Company?

Internet marketing companies come in many different sizes. Some internet marketing companies are limited to certain types of internet marketing tools, while others focus on marketing for specific businesses or industries. Ideally, you should seek an internet marketing company that is experienced in the full range of digital tools and tactics. This way, you know your business will have access to the best combination of tools and tactics available on the market to most ideally market your brand.

Once you identify a full-service internet marketing company, it is important to know the length of time they have been in business, as well as examine their portfolio of past work, and industry recognition. They should be forthcoming about recent projects, current clients and should encourage you to examine them. Finally, an internet marketing company you can trust should also allow access to real client testimonies and endorsements that are readily available in an easily-accessible format.

Top 5 Takeaways
  1. Internet marketing companies grow your online presence, expand your audience, and elicit engagement, for the purpose of driving business leads that result in conversion. When selecting an internet marketing company, look for ones that use proven methods and rely on data analytics and thorough in-depth A/B testing to determine arrive at a strategy most likely to reach your internet marketing objectives.
  2. In light of the numerous internet tools and tactics and the unlimited combinations that exist, determining which will prove most effective requires understanding both basic marketing concepts and keeping pace with the ongoing changes in internet marketing technology. To do effectively, internet marketing requires a careful and relentless study, and is therefore best trusted to the experts at internet marketing companies.
  3. When choosing an internet marketing company, you should rely on a full service digital marketing agency. The best internet marketing companies are ones with years of experience in all areas of internet, from web development and design, to social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO and much more. A full-service digital marketing agency should be experienced in all the various different internet marketing tools and tactics available.
  4. It’s important to spend the time carefully vetting internet marketing companies. In light of the unlimited solicitations offering services covering all facets of internet marketing, be sure to research the company’s history, leadership, proof of past performance and recognition in the industry. Remember the adage – “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”
  5. Finally, if you are committed to DIY – keep in mind there are many professional internet marketing agencies that have staff available for hire on a retainer basis to help you troubleshoot more complicated aspects of the digital world. It’s never a bad idea to have experts you can turn to for help. What’s important is the internet presence you build meets your objective and delivers the results you hope to achieve.
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