Why Choose an Interactive Design Agency Over a Traditional Firm for Online Work?

It is important to understand the differences between a traditional offline design agency and an interactive design agency. While some offline design firms do web related work, it is not their specialty. Interactive design agencies tend to specialize in Internet related projects alone and typically do not do offline work. If clients request it, an outside vendor might be employed to complete the work.

The important reason why interactive design agencies specialize only in online work is because the internet is always changing. A successful website is not only about the design of the site, but also the programming and functionality, marketing, search engine optimization, and social media optimization. Interactive design agencies like Trinet Internet Solutions go above and beyond to optimize their clients’ online results. We believe interactive design agencies are essential to business growth, and choosing an agency that specializes in its field, like Trinet, will only stimulate that growth.

Marketing Benefits of a Full Service Interactive Design Agency
An interactive design agency that offers full service design, development, and marketing is a unique find. The number of top interactive design firms that are engaged in various online advertising and marketing channels for their clients is increasing. This is to provide a “one-stop-shop” for client needs relating to web properties. Forward-thinking companies with the ability to see long-term benefits are seeking out interactive design agencies that provide full service design, development, and marketing. Trinet has been sought out among these “one-stop-shop” agencies and continues to generate impressive results for clients.

What Types of Online Marketing Does an Interactive Design Agency Specialize In?
After 20 years in business, we have observed that interactive design agencies that offer online marketing will be using paid search, email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media optimization to increase awareness and sales for clients. It takes a skilled marketer to identify the best opportunities for clients and manage marketing accounts to achieve the best results.

Email marketing is an important tool to produce results for clients. This is direct email marketing to people who are excited to hear through email about sales or offers a company is offering. Approximately 44% of email marketing users indicate that the emails initiate at least one online sale, and 41% say it initiates at least one offline sale. Email marketing remains a very effective online marketing tool for companies and is a staple for interactive design agencies to specialize in. Trinet continuously offers email-marketing services to clients and the campaigns we engage with generate great results.

Search engine optimization also helps web users find a company’s site, products and offerings. Developing content that is informational and targets a particular search phrase proves very effective for clients who make the investment in SEO, and any worthwhile agency provides this.

Another very critical component of online marketing success relates to social media optimization. There is more to it than just setting up Facebook, Twitter, or even a YouTube channel. As a skilled interactive design agency, we know how to take those marketing opportunities and apply them to produce the best results for clients. Experience has taught us how to use and manage them properly for marketing purposes, and it is something any full service interactive design agency should know.

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