High End Web Design Involves More than Design?

You only get one chance at a first impression, which is why a high end web design is preferable over a template for your business or organization. There are a lot of great template sites available today, but few will meet the needs of your web site design right out of the box. They will require customization of many elements in the template to get it to something that is unique for your business, and functional for any custom elements or modules you have in the site. For many businesses that start out using a template, they shift to having a high end web design created because, by the time they finish making all the custom changes to the template, they realize it is easier and more efficient to have a design agency create a custom web site design instead.

Learning how to properly convey who you are and draw customers and clients to your site is not an easy task. When a business relies on a web site template instead of a higher end design, it becomes even more challenging to fit everything into a design that is generic and created for multiple types of businesses. This is why Trinet Internet Solutions provides a multi-step process that begins with your vision and turns it into a productive high end web property that is designed to bring a high return on investment (ROI).

A high end web design is more than just a "design," it is a process. Through collaboration, research, and the development of a solid long term strategy (not only for the web site design, but for growth through digital marketing), Trinet is able to help many clients see significant returns on their investment from their website properties. A typical digital strategy is made up of several components, including discovery, research and analysis, persona and action pathways outline creation, wire frames, custom web site design creation, and a strategic digital marketing report.

Discovery: During the discovery phase, Trinet’s executive team and staff will get to know your business in order to understand your communication objectives and overall vision. Existing site is reviewed, analyzed, and studied to determine what has worked, not worked, and what new direction needs to be taken.

Research and Analysis: After Discovery, the data is reviewed, and further research and analysis takes place. The information gained is then used to create personas related to users coming to the site. Once personas are developed, action pathways can be created to move people through a site to specific calls to action, which directly leads to increasing site ROI.

Wireframes and High End Web Design: Once personas and action pathways are created, wire frames can be developed which show the user flow through a site. At this stage, calls to action are outlined and included in the wire frames. Trinet clients are then provided with three custom high end web designs to consider for development.

Strategy Report: In the last phase, Trinet provides clients with a report on key findings. In addition to the key findings, competitive analysis, wire frames and completed design options are also presented. Lastly, a digital marketing strategy is outlined for initiatives to take once the site is live.

Creating a web site that produces a return on investment takes a lot more than just picking a template and moving site content over to it. When you are ready to take your business to another level of online performance, you need to work with an agency that will create not only a high end award-winning design, but a complete strategy around your web property, so you can realize actual ROI.

More Than a Design, the Trinet Difference
Since 1995, Trinet Internet Solutions has been dedicated to creating custom web site designs for major corporations such as Coca Cola, Sony, Black and Decker, Mazda, Toyota, non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the YMCA, Feed the Children, and churches and ministries like Focus on the Family, Food for the Hungry, Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision, and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. We partner with your business to build, sustain, and grow your organization’s digital presence.

Trinet is an award-winning design firm. Over the past 6 years, Trinet has won over 80 awards for high end web design. These designs are a key part of what makes Trinet client sites so successful. Designs, personas, action pathways, and digital initiatives all work together to bring clients digital success and true ROI.

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