The Best Use for Banner Advertising

Can you believe that it is over a decade into the 21st century and there are still many people who believe that banner advertising can bring in unlimited amounts of traffic, and sales, to their websites? It does seem hard to imagine, but there are thousands of companies who spend thousands each month on banner advertising in various places around the Internet. Why do they do it? Do people actually click on those ads? Some do, but not that many. Banner advertising is often sold on the number of impressions, which means the amount of times the ad actually comes up on the page for someone to view. It's a good thing too, because if banner advertising was sold on the per click model, the host websites wouldn't make very much money. Why? Because people don't click on the ads, it's as simple as that.

So why do companies continue to spend thousands on banner advertising each month? Simple, it's branding. Keeping your companies brand in front of thousands of people is a very solid way to market that brand. Keeping people aware of your brand is so vital to a company's survival. There are just too many images, videos, distractions on the web today for anyone to remember your brand. Banner advertising is one way to consistently keep your brand on the minds of people accessing web pages. They don't have to click on the ads, just look at them, even subconsciously works. The mind will pick up a banner advertisement on a page and process that information, even if the person viewing the page never fully looks at the ad.

So, is banner advertising the best way to market your brand or product online? The answer is no. However, banner advertising is a great way to keep your company's brand in front of the eyes of thousands of people. Occasionally you will get a click through, but approach banner advertising as a branding tool and not a click through mechanism, and you will be much happier with the outcome.

Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. has been working with non-profits and businesses since 1995 providing the latest and most successful online marketing options to clients across the country. Banner advertising has been used for a few clients in the past, for the reasons mentioned above, branding primarily. There are so many other great options available to companies today for online marketing that banner advertising isn't used all that often anymore. Contact Trinet today to learn more about the various innovative online marketing services available that you can take advantage of today. You can reach our expert staff by phone at 949.442.8900 or by email at We look forward to the opportunity to spend some time with you to see what online marketing options, including banner advertising if it makes sense, are right for your particular online marketing objectives.
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