3 Important Considerations When Hiring a Website SEO Consultant

As social media continues to become a factor in how well website pages position for particular keyword phrases, it is becoming even more critical to have a website SEO consultant to guide you through the changes and developments affecting the SEO potential of your site. In light of the affects of social media, video positioning, blogging, bookmarking and other ways people can find your site in addition to natural SEO, here are 3 things to consider when looking at hiring a website SEO consultant.

  1. What social media options are offered and what is required to make it work. - Many interactive agencies offer social media to clients, but that doesn't mean they know how to use it properly. Yes, anyone can place bookmarking "share" options on site pages, set up a Facebook, Twitter, blog, and YouTube pages, and give the appearance that the client's site is a social media machine. Setting up the social media pages represents only part of the equation, and really a small part at that. Once the pages are online, they need to be managed, maintained, updated, shared, and informational in order to be effective. This requires sufficient effort and website SEO consultant know-how to make it all come together and work efficiently.

    Once all the channels are set up, content becomes very critical in the success of the overall social media effort. Great content will attract people, and those people will get exposure to your website and whatever products or offerings you have for users.

  2. How does a website SEO consultant use video positioning today? - Positioning video into channels like YouTube and others is a brilliant online marketing move. Unfortunately, very few clients ever take advantage of the opportunity that lies before them. Sometimes this is due to the lack of knowledge of lesser experienced website SEO consultants who just don't know how to use YouTube for marketing purposes. In other circumstances, they just don't know how to use YouTube to gain SEO positions, both in YouTube and in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    The great news is that videos can be used for outstanding online marketing results, and a qualified and experienced video positioning website SEO consultant will know exactly what to do to make your videos come to the top of the video search engines.

  3. The overall advantages of a website SEO consultant - A website SEO consultant knows the right mix of natural SEO along with social media marketing to make the entire site a success. Just a few years ago, natural SEO could be achieved for many keywords. Some competitive keywords took more effort, even significant effort, to gain positions. However, the game has changed. Natural SEO is achieved today using the same white hat techniques that have been used for the past couple years, but now, social media greatly improves potential. The amount of incoming links achievable through successful social media campaigns can quickly boost a site's ranking in the search engines for particular keyword phrases. Again, an experienced website SEO consultant will know what to do and how to achieve these types of results.
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