Webinar Digital Lead Funnels

Webinar events are a radical new means to create an ongoing digital lead funnel to seek, engage, educate, convert qualified prospects. Webinars are very effective ways to attract new qualified prospects, and have 2-5 times the conversion rates of other methods, such as email marketing or digital advertising, and they can revolutionize your digital lead generation results.

Webinars are today's version of the infomercial, but they are so much more. A webinar is an online presentation for your target prospects in real time. The key features of live webinars are accessibility, as any smartphone or computer with an internet connection can access it, and interactivity, or real time engagement.

According to a 2019 Demand Generation Benchmark Report, "58% of demand generation marketers say that webinars are the most successful tactic for top-of-funnel engagement. Nearly half, 48%, say webinars move prospects through the rest of the marketing funnel - from mid to bottom and closed - effectively."

The goals of a webinar are to generate and cultivate new prospect leads, convert leads to take action, build and engage your community, establish industry expertise, strengthen the value and online presence of your brand, and convert the prospect into a customer.

Webinars help you to reach new prospects, talk to them for 30 to 60 minutes, educate them, and finally, invite them to purchase your product or contact you for more information.

Trinet provides a complete end to end package to bring together all of the disparate items needed to market, host, and present a successful webinar using the following key steps:

  1. Targeted digital advertising and email marketing for two weeks prior to the webinar on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube to reach the right prospects to get them to register for the webinar.
  2. Development and implementation of the webinar registration page.
  3. Reminder emails prior to the event to remind registrants of the webinar and get them to attend.
  4. Strategic crafting of the event so that it educates, engages, and converts attendees. Each event concludes with a reward and call to action for the attendees. The reward can be a special offer, a discount, a free sample, or a downloadable item.
  5. All event logistics, including hosting the webinar, providing a live host facilitator who interviews the company expert on a strategically chosen topic, and monitoring the live message channel during the webinar. Of course, the webinar is recorded.
  6. After the webinar, sending a link to registrants who were unable to attend to allow them to watch the event, extending the webinar offer.
  7. The recorded webinar is then remarketed and replayed multiple times, which is the key to creating on ongoing lead funnel. Each time a webinar is remarketed and replayed, it gets almost as many new prospects as the original live webinar did. Trinet monitors the chat rooms during replays to answer any live questions.

If you are ready to get started on building your digital lead funnel with webinars, call Trinet today at 949-442-8900 or on the button below and Trinet can get your webinar funnel flowing!

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