The 7 Key Components of a Successful Web Design Company

There are 7 key components of a successful web design company that will help you in finding the right company for your interactive needs. Not all successful web design company's have all of these components, but the ones that do have been proven over time to deliver exceptional work consistently, which has sustained them in business for many years.

  1. Take a look at their experience. Chances are, the new start up web firm might have some very talented people on staff, but it is more likely that they are outsourcing their actual work. This could be a problem for you if they are not on top of managing those vendors. Delays can be expected, and there is the possibility that they may change company direction on you or worse, close altogether. Just because someone is a good designer doesn't mean they have the experience and knowledge it takes to run all aspects of a web design company. In contrast, web design companies with years of experience stay in business because they do what is right, provide innovative and professional web site design to multiple clients over years of being in the industry. They survive because they are good, and because they can deliver a finished product that meets and exceeds client expectations. You don't have to look for a web design company with over 10 years of experience, but time has shown that these firms are much more qualified to handle your interactive site needs.

  2. What skills and capabilities do they really have in-house? A couple of very important points to make here…what skills and capabilities does the web design company you are considering actually have, and what part of the work do they actually do in-house instead of outsourcing? Many design companies will say they handle everything, but chances are they are only specialists in very few areas. For everything else, it is outsourced. There are some very good outsource vendors for all kinds of interactive services, but you really won't know if they are that good because you will most likely never deal with them personally. Your contacts will usually only be within the company you are hiring. It will be that company's staff that will interact with the vendors. This can lead to all types of frustration on your part, especially when the company you have hired really doesn't understand or know about the services you are hiring them for. When they have to rely on their outside help, it can be awkward at times to say the least. So just be aware of what the web design company actually does and what they outsource. It can save you a lot of headaches.

    Skills and capabilities are essential to creating an award-winning website. An experienced web design company, as we have mentioned, will have the best staff available, which will work to create an innovative and professional, potentially award-winning site for your business or non-profit. In the online world of web design, innovation and cutting edge presentation are highly sought after. The web design company you choose should have skills in the latest online technologies, so that your site becomes as technologically advanced as it can be. This will not only keep your site fresh and relevant longer, but it will show that you place a high value on your brand and how your brand is presented online.

  3. It goes without saying, view their existing work. The past and current work of a web design company will show you instantly a few things. You will quickly be able to tell if they produce the level of work you are seeking. You will be able to see what clients they have worked for, and whether or not they are enterprise level clientele or more small business clientele. You will be able to determine if the web design company works with clients in your industry and at the level of what you are seeking to do. A company's portfolio will tell you a lot of information to help you make the best decision on who to call.

  4. This is restating the previous, but who are the web design company's clientele? It is important to know who they have worked for because it tells you instantly if the firm works with companies that are small businesses, mid-level, or enterprise level. This is important because you will know what type of budget they are used to working with, meaning that enterprise level clients will typically have projects in excess of 50k and perhaps up to 1 million in size. Small business web design companies will focus more on 5k to 25k projects.

  5. Is the web design company an award-winning firm? This isn't a make it or break it question to ask, but if you are going to commit the resources to a large scale online effort anyway, wouldn't you rather choose a company that is an award-winning design firm? Most people would. The benefits are that you have the opportunity to have your site designed by award-winning designers, who are always on the cutting edge of design and offering something that is new, fresh, and relevant. These types of designers approach each project with a fresh anticipation of what new and creative things they can put into their designs and/or the site functionality. In addition, your project might become an award-winner as well, which will give your site, company, and brand more online exposure. Going with an award-winning web design company just makes sense, and it could impact your online presence in a positive way you didn't anticipate.

  6. Is the web design company a start up or established with many specialists on staff? Look for a company that has a large staff with specialized talent. For example, a firm with over 30 employees is going to have specialized people in areas of design, development, online marketing, strategy, consultation, social media, search engine optimization, new media integration, online fundraising, and much more. It is virtually impossible for a small web design company to have all those bases covered with any specialized knowledge. It takes many specialists to achieve knowledge across all those areas. Seek out a competent staff with the firm you choose, usually at least 30 professionals in various specialties, especially the ones you are hiring them for.

  7. Finally, what case studies, white papers, or client stories have they provided which back their success? Successful web design companies will have all the above: case studies, white papers, and client stories which all work together to show prospective clients that the firm is more than capable and competent to take on any sized project with confidence and expertise. They show that the web design company is capable of delivering award-winning work on time and on budget. This makes all the difference because it helps contribute to your company's success when your online endeavors go as planned.
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