The Reality of Twitter Marketing

If you even mention Twitter marketing to many people on Twitter, you will get a negative response. The reason is that since it's inception, Twitter has been used by a vast majority of people for purposes that aren't related to marketing. Instead, it has been used as a real-time information hub for what is going on in people's lives at any given time. This is nice, but the real benefits of Twitter come in "informing" people of cool things, offerings, products, etc. that are out there. Of course this is marketing, just not directly from a company?at least it doesn't appear that way. If you spend any time on Twitter at all, it won't take long to locate many different companies marketing something. Whether it is being marketed directly from the company itself, or through a private individual, there is always something being marketed on Twitter.

The good news is that Twitter can be used very effectively to provide something of value to followers without offending them or causing an issue. People want things of value, for free. Twitter marketing provides a great way to give them exactly what they are looking for. At the same time, a company can dramatically increase their Twitter following if done right. At Trinet Internet Solutions, we have been providing innovative solutions for Twitter marketing that have been very successful for our clients. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and discuss how Twitter marketing can be used by your company for effective brand awareness and also to begin building a following on Twitter.

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