Twitter as a Marketing Tool, How Does It Work?

Twitter has taken the Internet by storm, and the importance of Twitter as a marketing tool has grown as well. But how does it work? First, a quick overview for those who don't really know what Twitter is or what it does. Twitter is a service that offers individuals and companies the ability to post comments about anything in 140 characters or less. It is like a blog in many ways, except that the comments or posts are limited to 140 characters. This can be limiting, depending on what you are trying to say, but it can also be great, because it is right to the point?without the rambling. Individuals and companies using Twitter can "follow" other users on the network. Once people gain a lot of followers, all of those people have the potential to view your 140 character messages whenever you post them. At any time, they can go to your profile and view all of your posts at once. In addition, there is a Twitter search where people can search for topics related to your posts in real time.

In simple terms, when you post something valuable to people, your followers will find out and potentially hundreds or thousands more can find out as well. One very important aspect about Twitter is that it is NOT a giant advertising channel for anything and everything your company sells or offers. You will quickly get comments telling you about Twitter etiquette and how Twitter isn't to be used for that type of marketing. Which is true. However, you can use Twitter for getting out information about your company, products, or services in less obvious and invasive ways that don't offend other Twitter users.

At Trinet Internet Solutions, we have many strategies and ways to use Twitter effectively as a marketing tool without offending people. We have run very successful campaigns for other clients and increased their brand awareness tremendously as a result. Since 1995, we have been offering clients understanding and practical application of the latest technologies and marketing strategies on the Internet. Contact us today at 949.442.8900 or send an email to to discuss social media, the effectiveness of using Twitter as a marketing tool, and how it can be optimized for your company. We are also experts in site design and development, custom application development, social media optimization, search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns, blogging, PPC campaigns, and more. With over 50 employees located at two locations, the corporate headquarters in Orange County, CA and in our Washington, D.C. location, we look forward to speaking with you about using Twitter as a marketing tool or any other types of social media optimization.
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