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Travel website development that focuses on the experience and how a trip will change the lives of those going is far different than a site that books flights, hotels, cars, etc. A valued and visited travel site focuses on the locations people are visiting with custom design and development along with fantastic images and video of the locations. Visitors to the site get excited about their upcoming vacation because the site is loaded with beautiful images, videos of the locations, recommendations on what to do, where to stay, what to see, etc. An effective travel site will provide an experience for users that compels them to take the next step and contact the agency to book the trip.

The Catalina Chamber of Commerce needed to update their existing site, which had content added to it over several years. This resulted in a site with broken and hard-to-find navigation, as well as outdated content. In addition, the old site looked very dated and out-of-touch with other competing sites promoting Catalina Island.

The solution for this travel website was the development of a new site which was visually stunning, with appropriate moving elements on pages, and the ability to take the large amount of information in the site and have it presented in a way that was easy to find through consistent and easy to use navigation. The resulting site became a 2009 Davey Awards winner for the tourism category. Since the launch of the new site for the Catalina Chamber of Commerce, they have seen visitor time on site increase over 200 percent. The site offers prospective visitors to Catalina Island everything they need to book their vacation to the destination, all in one easy to use and visually stunning site.

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