Social Media Marketing - 8 Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Social Media!

The world is changing. As society continues towards a progressively more digital landscape, social media is becoming an invaluable tool to stay fresh, interesting, and most importantly, relevant. Social media marketing continues to offer creative new ways to integrate marketing strategies that reflect current trends. Social media platforms allows for flexibility and the ability to make quick changes including full pivots in real time, keeping pace with the environment we live in today.

Furthermore, social media marketing also benefits consumers by allowing them to learn more about a company's brand identity through shares on social media. With social media marketing, businesses can have direct contact with their target audience.

Social media marketing for businesses can be leveraged on various different platforms, with their differing audience appeal and following. This allows for unlimited creativity. With social media marketing, businesses can tailor their creative marketing efforts to meet the specific needs of their brand and to connect more meaningfully with their intended audience.

As an award- winning digital firm, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. can help your business meet its social media marketing objectives. Trinet is a service based digital firm based in Irvine, CA with an additional branch in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1995, Trinet Internet Solutions is an industry expert in web strategy, design, advanced development, custom application programming, social media, search and mobile marketing, along with web campaign management, support and analysis.

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing leverages digital media and social media platforms to raise brand awareness and generate traffic. Whether it's creating a video on YouTube, posting pictures on Instagram, or writing posts on Facebook, the diverse appeal of social media guarantees that your marketing dollars are well spent.

In addition, social media marketing can reach audiences in real time. Social media users can stay connected anytime, anywhere. Social media marketing helps businesses stay relevant.

Also, almost every platform today offers precise audience targeting tools. This is important because it guarantees that the investments you make in social media marketing will derive returns, whether by building brand awareness and affinity, or through sales and conversion. Social media marketing offers huge advantages, with little risk. Chances are your competitors are already on social media.

Not completely convinced? Here are 8 ways social media marketing can benefit your business:
  1. Increase Brand Recognition
    Did you know that nearly 81% of Americans have active social media accounts?1 That means failing to engage in social media gravely limits your business' exposure. Social media is a great place to gain brand recognition, continue to promote your brand and build brand affinity. Social media is an excellent place to build a loyal customer base.

    The unlimited creativity afforded by social media platforms mean you can express your brand and its uniqueness. Social media marketing can help distinguish you from your competition.

    A final note ‒ remember that the more buzz you create, the more attention you draw to your business.

  2. Engagement and Customer Satisfaction
    Social media is all about interaction. The key to social media marketing is the ability to foster personal relationships with your consumers. Most social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, allow consumers to directly follow your news, updates, and posts. Your consumers can also post comments, tag, and share your posts expanding your reach among like-minded peers.

    Social media marketing is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction. By using features that allow for direct interaction with your audience, you can reply to consumer questions, comments or concerns. Think of social media engagement as another way to deliver great customer care.

    Many social media users ask questions or address product concerns directly on social media. The social media accounts that answer back are well-received. Managing customer care through social media builds consumer trust and earns your business a great reputation.

  3. Driving Web Traffic
    Think of social media as an added gateway to your website and an important means for your customers to find you online. Every engagement on social media potentially builds a new pathway that leads your audience back to your website. The more interactive you are on social media, the greater your reach and the more responsive your audience.

    Use social media to bolster curiosity then help your audience find out more about you. Social media is about return on engagement (ROE). Although social media as a marketing activity sits much higher on the conversion funnel, this also means that you have more opportunities to shape and build your customers perception of you. The possibilities are truly endless.

  4. Increasing Mobile Presence
    Most social media today occurs on mobile devices. In fact, an astounding 80% of time spent on social media time is through the use of a mobile device.2 It is predicted that this percentage will continue to rise. Chances are that, right now, your consumers are searching for your social media accounts on their mobile phones.

    Hence, it is no longer enough to have a website that is mobile optimized. It's important to be proactive on social media to create ongoing direct contact with your consumers. Mobile allows consumers to connect with your brand, anytime, anywhere. There is a huge intersection between local businesses and mobile use ‒ upwards of 50% of smartphone users will visit a business within 24 hours.3 Make sure your business is mobile-ready to capitalize on mobile “micro-moments.”4

  5. Increasing Search Engine Visibility
    Did you know that social media helps with SEO? SEO or search engine optimization focuses on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. Many different factors influence your websites search engine rank. The higher you rank, the better your visibility. Upwards of 95% of all search traffic ends on page 1 of search engine results pages (SERPs). Some important search engine ranking factors include web content, page load speed, mobile optimization, linking relationships, and social media.

    The latter, linking relationships and social media play to a search engine algorithm's assigning higher authority to those websites that are peer endorsed. Social media helps promote your website and bring in active links and visitors. Therefore, maintaining a strong social media presence by sharing great content that appeals to your audience will not only generate more linking relationships (a significant ranking factor) but have a positive impact on your organic search results. Therefore, if you want higher visibility, social media shouldn't be ignored.

  6. Gain Valuable Consumer Insight
    No matter what your industry, knowing your audience is always important. You must first know your audience before you can determine what types of content shared through social media will resonate with them. However, research through surveys and the use of focus groups can be expensive and time consuming.

    Luckily, social media marketing is about interaction. Social media is a two way street which promotes a mutual exchange and sharing of information. Just as much as your audience can tap your social media to learn more about you, you can also learn more about your audience through social media. Hence, used properly, social media is a cost effective means to gain valuable insights about your audience that you can leverage to your business advantage.

  7. Improve Brand Loyalty
    Social media is a great place to build brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is the tendency of consumers to buy the same brands of goods rather than competing brands. It's the development of brand preferences that influence a customer's purchasing decisions. When it comes to building brand loyalty, social media allows your consumers to directly follow, like, and share your brand. Regular engagement and on-going interactions foster deeper relationships, creating exclusivity that otherwise cannot be achieved. No wonder businesses that engage with social media often enjoy higher brand loyalty with their consumers.

    The take away is that social media keeps you connected with your consumers, by building a bridge between them and your business. The more you stay connected with your customers, the more benefit your business can expect to derive.

  8. The Power of Storytelling
    Social media is a great place to share your story and build rapport. This is also a great way to make sure you are remembered. Good stories are hard to forget, and are avidly shared. The power of storytelling is compelling, and often drives many successful marketing campaigns. One advantage of social media is its ability to combine images, writings, and videos. Whether it's a video or a simple image, social media presents the ideal platform for memorable storytelling.

    When it comes to your brand, think about the stories that can be shared.

Trinet's Social Media Marketing Strategy:
Most companies and organizations do not have the resources necessary to keep up with the latest technology advancements. Social media platforms are constantly evolving with new ways to share content as well as new tools to run analytics that are critical to social media success. In light of the many social media platforms available many businesses are finding it impossible to keep up.

At Trinet, we focus and create social media marketing initiatives that are proven effective to increase reach and engagement that result in improved conversion. Our objective is to bring measurable value, while producing the greatest return on investment in the shortest amount of time.

The Trinet approach starts with clear goals.
  1. Focus
    Trinet focuses on your brand's mission and values to achieve your goals.
  2. Filter
    Trinet filters through the chatter to identify what matters most to your brand.
  3. Adjust
    Trinet continuously adjusts and fine tunes to locate the sweet spot that yields results.

For over 20 years, Trinet has set a standard of creative excellence, creating and setting industry benchmarks for nonprofits, corporations, and ministries across the nation. From implementing viral campaigns to measuring social media analytics, Trinet tailors interactive services to strategically capture your brand's core identity and voice, while handing the marketplace's challenging landscape.

At Trinet, there is a specialized focus on social media marketing to achieve the highest optimization for your business and website. As a leading interactive and marketing firm, Trinet stays ahead of the curve. Contact us today to learn more or visit us at!

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