What Really Makes Up a Great Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The first thing to know is that a great social media marketing strategy will vary from business to business, industry to industry. There is no silver bullet that works for everyone. Depending on audience demographics for your business and industry, you may find great success in Facebook, Google +, or Instagram. Others will find success in Twitter, Pinterest or even Vine. Not every solution is right for every business or non-profit. The best way to approach what will actually work for your business is to have a digital agency create a social media marketing strategy.

Many factors will be researched and analyzed related to your specific business, audience, customers, reach, popular products/offerings, where your customer engagement is currently the strongest, where it lacks, and many more areas related to your digital presence, pathways, calls to action, and conversions.

For companies trying to reach customers in the 20-60 age demographic, Facebook continues to be a vital part to a successful social media strategy. With the new marketing opportunities in Facebook, including “Like” campaigns, link to website ad campaigns, video ad campaigns, and other content addition strategies, this platform has really developed into a great opportunity for digital marketers. Another developing platform is Pinterest. With audiences ranging from the 20’s to 60’s, Pinterest offers abilities to add pinned images linking back to offers you have on your site. Abilities to add ecommerce pins are now possible. Video clips are also used for marketing in Pinterest. All of these options provide new opportunities for creative agencies to provide out of the box digital marketing solutions for your business.

If you need to reach younger audiences, Instagram provides opportunities for clever brand building, audience engagement, and audience to customer potential. With Twitter ads, marketers can reach out to audiences in new and innovative ways.

A great social media strategy will lay the groundwork for successful engagement and interaction with your core customers and broader audience. Instead of wasting time bouncing between efforts on social media sites, and spending countless hours trying to post the right content to get a response, try working with a digital agency that understands all the options, and what benefits each can bring to your business. Let them prepare a social media marketing strategy for you that will serve your business well into the future, and help you realize actual ROI from your social media marketing efforts. Their strategy will outline in detail the best social media sites for your business, what types of content should be posted and how often, ways to build your audience within the site, and how to turn an audience into customers.

So many businesses have social media pages, but few know how to leverage them in effective ways for business, and even fewer have a solid social media marketing strategy in place. Creating a research driven custom strategy is where the specialists at a digital agency can really turn the tide for your business success in social media.

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