3 Facts About SEO Web Design That You Need to Know

Let's take a quick look at 3 facts about SEO web design that you may not know but need to if your site is to have any chance of showing up in the search engine returns.
  1. Keywords do matter. You may have a great website with loads of content, but if you haven't done keyword research and you don't have articles and pages with content around specific keyword phrases that are being searched and are getting traffic, then your work will be useless. Keyword research is vital to know what people are searching on in the search engines. It is extremely helpful to know what niches exist within your particular industry that you may discover are not being used by competitors. You can use these niche keywords to gain search engine positions and provide the opportunity for people to know your site exists.

  2. Content is what the search engines read to know what your site is about. If you provide the search engines with an SEO web design that has content rich in keyword phrases, then your pages will have a much better chance of positioning then pages lacking keywords. Content is king when it comes to search engine results. There are a lot of factors that go into why pages position in the search returns for specific keywords, we will not get into this right now. However, the truth remains that content is a major component search engines look at to determine relevance for a particular search.

  3. If your site isn't coded to SEO web design specifications, then you most likely will not get the results you are expecting in search engine returns. SEO web design spec is not overly complex, but the programmer putting together the site pages needs to know not only how to code the pages to get the maximum SEO benefit, but also how to interlink pages for maximum effect. Failure to do both of these properly will result in poor SEO results.

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