Some Challenges Facing Restaurant Websites and Their Design

Restaurant websites basically have limited functionality: to provide a menu, locations and hours of operation for the restaurant(s), and contact information. Savvy restaurant websites will also have special coupons, offers, discounts only available from the website. The problem many restaurant websites encounter is that they create a site that is too complex, with hard-to-find and use navigation to get to the basics people are looking for in their site. Most of the time, people want the restaurants phone number and location list along with the current menu. Giving users this information immediately and easily allows them to set a reservation or place a to-go order fast and efficiently. One great way to provide all the important information right up front for users is to create a "Quick Access" or "Quick Facts" page which has all the pertinent information located on one page. Market Broiler is one restaurant website that has done this very efficiently. Web users still have the opportunity to visit the "Menu" page where they can see everything available, but this "Quick Facts" page accomplishes what most people come to the site for, contact information, hours, and locations.

Efficient restaurant website design keeps in mind the purpose for the site, which is to provide information cleanly and efficiently. Weighing a site down with a large amount of flash objects moving everywhere and design that is too intricate really defeats the purpose. This doesn't mean that a restaurant website should be boring or lack professional design. The site should be professional in every aspect, because that is a first impression for many users to the establishment. The suggestion here is that restaurants should have professional web design which is consistent with their brand and image, but do it in a manner that is clean, easy to use, and doesn't contain a lot of "extras" that aren't necessary like games, an over-abundance of moving objects, hard to use navigation, etc.

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