Take the Guesswork Out of an Online Marketing Strategy

Trying to guess which online marketing strategy will work the best for your business? You’re not alone. The problem is that every business is unique, and digital online marketing strategies that work for one business or non-profit may not work as well for another. You have to test different initiatives, but how do you know which initiatives to test since they all cost money and you have a limited digital marketing budget? You don’t want to throw away money trying to determine what will work best for your business. One suggestion is to have a professional digital strategy created for your digital marketing efforts. The questions around “what types of initiatives you should do” will be answered. Then, your testing will be focused on messaging, visual assets, offers, etc. to get great results.

Online marketing strategies can include everything from social media marketing, organic SEO, SEM campaigns, email marketing, digital advertising, video marketing, remarketing, and custom out of the box solutions developed for a specific product, company, or organization. There are many options choose from, but not every option is right for every brand.

Social Media Marketing - The advertising benefits of social media continue to grow for your business or organization. Changes in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others have created great opportunities for digital marketers. Facebook has opportunities to target very specific audiences using both text/graphic ads and video ads. Twitter now has abilities to share your company’s products or offerings through the site via ads. Pinterest has also begun different forms of advertising on the site which mean new opportunities for your business. Social media continues to change and evolve year over year, and many sites have become very friendly to marketing products and services. Take a closer look today at this opportunity and how it can, and should be, a part of your overall digital marketing efforts.

Organic Search Engine Optimization - This one is interesting because there are some people that are giving up on SEO. They say there are too many rules and penalties from Google, and that it is either too hard to position content or it isn’t worth the effort any longer.

The truth is if you have great content, SEO should definitely be part of your online marketing strategy. The problem with a lot of negative comments about SEO is that people making the comments are probably not developing strong content for their sites. Instead, they are linking keywords from a series of websites to artificially boost their site in search. This is not a sustainable long term strategy and Google looks at the practice in a negative light, penalizing these types of sites.

If you have great content, SEO is a must. If you don’t have great content today, hire a digital agency to create great content for you. Don’t throw out the SEO option because someone has negative things to say about it. It is still an incredible option to bring traffic to your site and should be a part of most online marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing - Still a great choice for many reasons. It is possible to start a campaign and see clicks to your website immediately. A campaign can be paused, and started again at any time. It works great as a supplement to organic SEO. While waiting for organic SEO to show up in search returns, your site ads could be showing up immediately in an SEM campaign. Then, when organic reaches the first page of results, you can pause or stop your SEM campaign…or shift budget to another set of keywords. Results are trackable and measurable. Adjustments are immediate. There are many great reasons to consider SEM in your overall online marketing efforts.

Email Marketing - Email continues to be a great way to reach clients, customers, or donors. Leveraging your email list in an effective and planned effort could result in increased revenue for your business on a recurring basis. Email should always continue to be a vital part of your online marketing strategy. If it isn’t performing for you now, you need to find a digital agency that can not only make some recommendations, but can also take over the effort for you to ensure results. The point is that your email marketing strategy should be successful.

Digital Advertising - There are many great websites available where you can be placing ads. Sites that are industry related, get a great deal of traffic, and target users that could benefit from your products, services or mission. Digital advertising can be more difficult to see results in the initial stages as you work to get the right platform, right message, right timing. Once these elements have been refined, results will typically follow. Take a closer look at the digital advertising options out there. If you don’t know where to start, a digital agency can help you take the steps necessary for success in this area.

Video Marketing - Video views continue to increase at an incredible rate. They are starting to overshadow text content as the most viewed content on the Internet. On mobile, video is king. You can’t ignore video for your business any longer. It has to now be an important and integral part of your online marketing efforts. There are so many benefits to good video for your brand that it would be another article just to list them out. If you haven’t started implementing video, it’s time to take that step. Once again, digital agencies do this all the time, lean on an agency for help getting up and running with video. It isn’t intimidating when you have a partner working with you who knows the process from start to finish.

Remarketing - Remarketing is sometimes referred to as retargeting. A pixel is placed on your landing page, or site pages. When a visitor visits that landing page and leaves your site, they are shown your ads on other sites they visit for a specific period of time. This could be a day or two, or up to several days. The point is, customers are presented the opportunity to see your products over and over again as they browse other sites on the web. This continued exposure leads to sales. These types of campaigns can be very successful depending on the product, service, mission/cause being presented to users. This form of marketing is still quite effective, and the potential is worth exploring for your business.

The real key to a successful online marketing strategy is having the right strategy to implement. Instead of trying to guess at what works, and wasting a lot of money in the process, hire a digital agency and have them create an online marketing strategy for you. The long term benefits of a custom online marketing plan created by digital consultants will help you see ROI from your digital efforts. In addition to having a strategy, consider the agency to handle the initiatives outlined in the strategy. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to online marketing initiatives, and what works. In addition to this, they also have the benefit of being outside of your business or organization and can lend a fresh perspective to an online marketing strategy. Whether you choose to have an in-house team carry out your strategy, or an agency, or a combination of both, your online marketing strategy will be your critical key to success.

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