Why an Online Marketing Company for Web Related Marketing?

It sounds kind of obvious, "why hire an online marketing company for online marketing?" It sounds obvious, but what is surprising is how many companies and organizations do not hire an online marketing company to handle their web-centered marketing initiatives. In fact, many companies and organizations continue to use offline advertising agencies for their online marketing efforts. There are a couple of obvious reasons why this is not preferred. First, it costs you and your company or organization more in the long run due to the advertising agency markup on all work completed. Second, traditional advertising agencies just don't have the technical or online skill necessary to effectively use all the online marketing tools that are available today.

Hiring an online marketing company will save dollars normally lost to agency markup. Since the majority of agencies outsource their technical projects, including social media and online marketing, there is automatically anywhere between a 10% to 25% markup depending on the service. This could amount to thousands of dollars. Furthermore, offline advertising agencies are not always well-versed on the latest online marketing tools available. This lack of knowledge and skill leaves you with campaign results that are not optimal. An online marketing company, who specializes in web related marketing, will be in tune with the latest techniques, tools, skills, and know-how to make your online marketing efforts a success.

Trinet Internet Solutions has been handling online marketing services for clients across the U.S. since 1995. As a full service design, development, and interactive online marketing firm, Trinet Internet Solutions has expertise in various online marketing specialties including search engine optimization, social media optimization and search engine marketing. Trinet Internet Solutions provides your company with a wise, and cost effective, solution to all of your online marketing needs. Contact us today at 949.442.8900 or email us at contactus@trinetsolutions.com with any questions you might have related to online marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, email marketing, blogging, PPC campaigns, or anything else related to online marketing or web design and development. With locations in Orange County, California and Washington, D.C., we have the experience and skill to make your next online marketing initiatives a success.
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