Internet Marketing Strategies with Measurable ROI

Internet marketing strategies for business are becoming necessary to see success in the new age of advertising via social media. This creates more opportunities for companies to get creative with their online marketing campaigns. The perfect Internet marketing strategies not only include an active social media presence and marketing within multiple social media sites, but also other online efforts like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and digital advertising. Yes, they are still great options.

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Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ are just a few of the many websites you can use to engage with your customers. If used correctly, your brand can grow and increase through social. Sharing content is easier than ever, which is how some companies go viral with unique written, video, or photo content. This kind of free advertising has the potential to drive more people to your site. An example of this could be multiple repins of your product pins on Pinterest. Most people look to Pinterest for inspiration, so having your content re-pinned could give your brand thought leadership while driving more traffic to your site. With the new marketing options available to your business on multiple social media sites, it is now more important than ever to have an Internet marketing strategy that will identify the best locations you need to be marketing, what types of campaigns you should be running, and how much budget you should be allocating to each opportunity.

Organic SEO
Organic search returns are still the most popular way of finding things online. Positioning in search engines should be part of your internet marketing strategy because it can continue to drive significant traffic to your site when done correctly and ethically. Beyond the on page factors that contribute to search return rankings, and the link structure that is in place, there are also new requirements around mobile compatibility and site speed on mobile devices that a business owner needs to be concerned about because this does affect the overall page rankings for sites. An Internet marketing strategy will identify what your business should be focusing on for organic SEO, which keywords you should be focusing on, and what overall level of SEO will be necessary to make a significant impact in your site traffic.

Pay per click marketing is still a great way to get your ads out to thousands of users in an expedient manner using Google AdWords. Websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have caught on, providing more platforms to buy advertising space. The competition for words and phrases for these PPC strategies is stiff, so it important to develop a solid Internet marketing strategy around this approach. Many factors come into play, like keyword choice, cost per click, quality score, landing pages, pathways and calls to action, conversion metrics, on and on. Again, an Internet marketing strategy is the key to success with any SEM campaign. Knowing the objectives and what needs to be accomplished ahead of time will make the difference in the outcomes that are achieved.

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