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Finding an interactive marketing agency in Los Angeles might seem like an easy task. However, finding one that has been in the industry for more than 14 years, has experienced staff with expertise in particular areas of interactive marketing, and has multiple awards in design and development?that might be a little more challenging. This isn't to say that there aren't some great interactive marketing agencies in Los Angeles, but there are only a few that truly have the credentials to back up what they propose to clients. In today's market, many interactive marketing agencies are being formed with just a few employees, mostly sales people, who go out and sell their company like it is a big operation, but in reality they outsource everything. This provides clients with a final product that has the potential to be very disorganized and lacking. Furthermore, these same sales people oversell what the capabilities of their interactive marketing agencies really are. The people who loose in this situation are the clients, it's as simple as that.

Don't make the mistake of hiring an interactive marketing agency in Los Angeles with little or no real expertise in what they are selling. Make sure to do the duty of finding out how many employees there are at the agency? Ask if they have won any awards for their work, and ask to see them. Do they have an actual business location, and is it professional like you'd expect it to be? How long have they been in business and can this be verified (take a look at their url origination date if you can't find another way)? Ask what specialties they offer: design, development, consulting, webcasting, SEO, SMO, SEM, etc. Finding out some of these details will prove very useful to you in selecting the right interactive marketing agency in Los Angeles.

Since 1995, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. has been an interactive marketing agency with offices in Orange County and Washington, D.C. With over 50 employees, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. has worked with hundreds of clients in business, non-profit, and ministry producing award winning website design and development projects. In addition to this, we have also conducted successful online marketing campaigns utilizing search engine optimization, social media optimization and marketing, and search engine marketing strategies for a growing list of existing and new clients.

Contact us today to find out more about our interactive marketing agency specialties and how we can work with you to obtain successful results. We can be reached immediately at 949.442.8900 or by email at Not all interactive marketing agencies in Los Angeles are equal, make sure you find one that is truly capable of handling your projects with the knowledge and experience to get the results you seek.
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