Some Quick Pros and Cons to Flash Web Design

Flash web design is a staple in most of today's award-winning websites. Not all of the award-winning flash web designs are completely developed using flash. Most of them have only elements of flash within the actual designs. One of the benefits of using flash is that you provide something that is "live" on an otherwise static page. These live elements help keep users engaged in the site and interested in what is going on within the pages. It helps keep users alert to the site they are on. Another benefit is that you can present multiple offers, points of view, products, etc. in a rotating fashion on the same page. This maximizes space usage on the page and allows you to get more messages to users faster and more efficiently than by having them visit several pages. More can be accomplished in less time within the same root page. That is very important when it comes to capturing people's attention quickly and showing a wealth of opportunities or options in a limited time frame.

One of the negatives to flash web design is that the search engines don't read content within flash very well, and some don't read it at all. This matters because if you have a page or pages of content that you want the search engines to index, they will be unable to if the content lies within flash files on your site. Another negative to using flash web design is that some users won't be able to access the content because they don't have flash installed in their browsers. This is becoming rare, but there are still users out there that don't have the ability to view flash web designs. The last negative we will cover here has to do with load times for flash web designs. Complex flash based websites will often take a few seconds to download. This isn't a tremendous problem for people using broadband connections, but for those users still on dial up, or a slower dsl connection, it is a real issue. If the site page doesn't load within 30 seconds, most people will leave the site. They either figure that there is something wrong with the page or that it just takes too long to download. Either way, you've lost a potential client or customer.

So weight the positive with the negative when it comes to using flash web design. Used efficiently, it can be an element to your site that is very helpful to users and can provide some cool features that would not be available on a purely static page. If your site is going to be professional looking and on the forefront of web design, then flash web design elements, at minimum, will have to be part of your strategy.

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