Finding the Right Email Marketing Service for You

Today, there are several very good email marketing services available for your business or non-profit. A couple of the most widely used ones, which are >simple to use and easy to get going, are Constant Contact and iContact. Both of these services are easy to use, give decent reporting, and have some cool features like form generators, list managers, templates, and more. A more robust email marketing service with CRM integration can be found at companies like Blue Hornet or Silverpop. These services have advanced API's which allow for integration into some of the most popular CRM software on the market today.

Depending on the size of your business or non-profit and the size of your email list, one of these options can easily be the answer to your email marketing service needs. For most small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits, the easy to use Constant Contact and iContact options make the most sense. These options are also relatively inexpensive, with pricing levels for various list sizes. The more robust Blue Hornet and Silverpop options are more enterprise level email marketing solutions and will require a much higher budget. For this reason, it is most suited toward larger businesses and non-profits.

Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. is an interactive agency with an office in Orange County, CA. Trinet offers all types of online marketing options to clients, including email marketing services. Because we work with a wide range of businesses and non-profits, both large and mid-sized, we offer both an entry level email marketing service and a more robust level email marketing service to meet all of our clients needs. We set up accounts, create and design email templates to use, create email signup forms, conduct campaigns, track and report on results, and make recommendations on copy and how to improve results further. In addition to email marketing services, we also design and develop award-winning web sites, create and implement online marketing strategies for clients including social media, SEO, PPC, webcasting services, and more. Since 1995, Trinet has been a leader in implementing the latest online technologies for businesses to help them achieve online success. Contact us today to discuss what type of email marketing service is right for your business or non-profit. We can be reached at 949.442.8900 or by email at Trinet has over 40 employees in various specialties including email marketing and other forms of online marketing. We look forward to speaking to you today and developing an email marketing campaign that meets and exceeds your objectives.
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