3 Ways to Increase ROI with Email

Email is an essential tool in developing trust and connections with your customers. Research shows email marketing continues to be a leading channel for advertising and promotion.1 Over 90% of American adults 2have a cell phone, and about 52% of them check their emails through a cellular device 3 while another 17% check it on a tablet.4 How many times do you check for any type of messaging on your phone? –Exactly.

Today’s generation is content hungry, but for what type of content...written, video, photo? Being able to create something engaging in an email or newsletter takes strategy, time, and considerable effort. An email strategy is important, and here is where you should start.

You want people to be excited to learn more about your business, products, organization, and mission.

  1. Have User Focused Content - Today’s customer is smarter than ever. By the time they consider purchasing a product, they will have already searched your site, your competitors site, and will have viewed numerous articles, videos, and photos of the products or industry you are in. To stand against the competition, make your content relevant to the user’s needs and wants. You are building a relationship. About 80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your current customers5. Make sure you keep them. Avoid focusing too much attention on how great your product or service is. Keep your information customer focused and how your products meet their needs.

    When users are reading an email they read in an "F-shape."6 This means users read for the most important information at the top and quickly scan the rest for important details, no surprise there. Adjust the way your emails are structured to have this type of feel in order to increase reader retention.

  2. Have Email Management - For those with a large email list, many companies have turned to Email Management tools for help. Resources such as Constant Contact and iContact are a couple of the more popular email services to help businesses get started. Both give decent features such as reporting, form generators, list managers, and templates for a fair price. You can manage these types of emailing sites yourself, but you may want to seek professional guidance.

    A more robust email marketing service with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration can be found in companies like Blue Hornet or Silverpop. These services have advanced Application Programming Interfaces (API's) which allow for integration into some of the most popular CRM software on the market today. They offer more enterprise level email marketing solutions and require a much higher budget to use their services.

    An Email Marketing Agency is a great option for busy organizations. They can set up email accounts, design personalized email templates, conduct campaigns, track and report on results, and make calculated recommendations on copy and how to improve results further. In fact, one of the most important services an email marketing agency can do for you is to create an email marketing strategy before you spend any more money on existing efforts. This strategy can drastically change the way you do email, and can produce much more optimal results than what you are currently experiencing. An Email Marketing Agency has the knowledge and capabilities to help organizations stay innovative and healthy, especially with Email management.

  3. Know your Limitations - Business owners and leaders typically have one thing in common, they are visionaries. This is what gives successful people the drive to accomplish something great. A vision may catapult great organizations to success, but knowing your limitations could be a key to success. If your organization is great at producing a product, but is not great at communicating the uses or benefits to a customer, you find a marketing expert. If you are not getting significant responses from your weekly or monthly newsletters and want to increase engagement, find an industry leader who can help develop better messaging techniques and reach your goals.
With over 52% of Americans checking email on their cell phones over 23 times a day , organizations cannot dismiss the opportunity email marketing offers. If email is not your company’s key strength, hire an email marketing agency. Trinet Internet Solutions is an email marketing agency that has produces significant results for clients through email marketing. They will help you get the best return without the pain of trying to manage everything in house.

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