Ways a Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas Gets ROI

There are a lot of online initiatives that a digital marketing agency can offer your business or non-profit, but which ones will really get you ROI and what is the process to determine which options would be the best for your particular needs? These are important questions, here are some straight forward answers.

Investing a lot of resources with a digital marketing agency into some social media channels may not be the best choice for your business or organization. A couple of years ago almost everyone felt like they had to have a Twitter, Facebook, and a YouTube account for their business. Most businesses opened accounts and didn’t know what to do with them and, as a result, they did nothing. Everyone had Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but the content lacked and there was virtually no engagement. All three of these social media platforms are great tools for business, but not every business should spend a lot of time or resources in social media. For example, an oil refining company probably has little need of an active Twitter, Facebook, or even a YouTube channel. Their audience does not spend a lot of time in social media, and spending a lot of resources here does not make a lot of sense. The same could be said for a lot of industrial manufacturing companies. Social media requires time and good content to successfully develop an active following. Since so much time is necessary to have a successful community and the engagement you are looking for, you have to ask yourself, within your business, who is going to be the trusted resource with the available time and ability to manage your social media. Quite often the answer is “we don’t have anyone like that.” This is one reason why many businesses choose to work with a digital marketing agency to handle their accounts. This is smart, and makes a lot of sense, but there still has to be someone within the organization to oversee or monitor what the digital marketing agency is writing and posting to their accounts. Keep this in mind.

In contrast to certain businesses which should consider other online initiatives besides social media, there are many businesses like a smoothie company, a car repair company, photography business, or other types of high public interaction businesses, more B2C in nature, that can thrive with an active social media presence. These types of businesses profit well from social media because they have a lot of things to offer their customers within social media making it the perfect platform for growth. They can offer coupons, discounts, special offers, share new products, post user comments, etc. These types of businesses want to interact with their customers, and the more opportunities the better, especially when they can leverage the broad audiences available through social media channels. In most of these types of businesses, some level of social media should definitely be part of their online marketing strategy and a digital marketing agency can certainly help create and manage those campaigns.

These are some basic criteria that a good digital marketing agency will consider for your specific type of business before suggesting, or even insisting, on a social media campaign. If the majority of the workload for content creation is going to fall on your shoulders, make sure you have appropriate resources in house to fulfill the demands of active social media channels, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any of the other popular options like Pinterest, Instagram, or Linked In. The content is very important, and will greatly contribute to the success or failure of your social media campaign.

We have seen how a strategy-focused digital marketing agency in Dallas can really make the difference in how your precious resources are used online. We used social media as the example because there are so many companies that have spent a lot of resources and have received very poor ROI in return. This isn’t limited to social media, however. It is relevant when talking about SEO campaigns, SEM campaigns, online PR, email marketing campaigns, online advertising, and any other online marketing initiatives. All of these types of campaigns can generate significant ROI for your business when done correctly with a proper strategy up front. Just jumping into a campaign because it sounds like a good idea will most likely end up in less than desired results. Most digital marketing agencies will not create a roadmap, or strategy, which outlines all the appropriate online marketing efforts prior to any campaign development. However, when a strategy is created up front, it provides a clear course of action for the digital agency to follow, which leads to measurable ROI.

Trinet Internet Solutions is a successful digital marketing agency in Dallas that creates strategic plans for online marketing initiatives. Because a roadmap is created up front before any campaigns are launched, Trinet is able to identify the best online marketing options for each individual client and implement a targeted campaign designed to get ROI. Trinet’s online initiatives typically see a 100-500 percent ROI. This is not limited to social media either. This is relevant across all types of online marketing initiatives.

Trinet is a full service digital marketing agency with expertise in audio and video streaming, content management systems, custom application development, ecommerce, email and mobile marketing, interactive media, live webcasts and podcasting, mobile phone applications, online reputation management, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, text2give and text2broadcast campaigns, web applications, web campaigns, web design, web development, web hosting and maintenance, web strategy consulting, and internet connected tv (IPTV) app development.

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