Different Types of Advertising to Bolster Brand Awareness

There are many different types of advertising and everyone knows this, from television, cable, radio, print, Internet…each with their own subsets. Over the past few years, however, the social media aspect of advertising has really taken off to help bolster the brand awareness for companies savvy enough to get in on it and take advantage of the opportunities that exist. Although there are many different types of advertising, this will focus on increasing brand awareness through social media channels.

Even in 2010, there are many companies who still don't have a social presence on the Internet. Almost everyone has a website, which is great. But being effective and relevant on the Internet today requires more than just a website. Companies getting ahead today are utilizing their social networks to gain a loyal following. People that are engaged through social media become "fans" of the companies using it correctly. They become advertising agents for the companies they support. They tell their friends, who tell friends. Product and brand awareness is increased, and that eventually will relate to increased sales. Brand awareness is half the battle. Getting the army of follows on your team through channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Stumble Upon, and others…that's a new, different type of advertising. It's working for companies that have the foresight to take advantage of it. Is your company one of them?

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