Some Creative Advertising Techniques for Online Success

In this article, we will look briefly at some creative advertising techniques that can be used online to bring brand awareness and lead to marketing success. Indirect marketing is a creative advertising technique that is producing results for many companies. For example, savvy web users are now turning to social media outlets like YouTube to gain knowledge or "sample" something before purchasing. Creative advertisers are using YouTube to provide potential customers with the information, in this case videos, about products they are interested in. The videos aren't advertisements, they are just videos. Even more credibility comes when others, outside the company, put their own videos online about a product and how well it performs. This indirect approach is gold to the company's marketing of that product. Other people are doing the marketing for the company, just because they like a product.

Creative Advertising Techniques Using Twitter
Another creative advertising technique using social media can be found with using Twitter. A positive experience may lead someone to comment on that using Twitter. Their followers may then follow the link to discover more about the service, product, etc. the initial person is talking about. Real time search information is also available on Twitter for those searching a particular product, service, etc. Many people will tell you that Twitter isn't for marketing, and certain people on Twitter will get mad if you use it for that, but in reality most everyone using Twitter is marketing something indirectly, whether they know it or not. Twitter isn't a good source for direct, in your face marketing. If it is used in this way, you will hear about it from other people on Twitter, guaranteed. Taking a more conversational approach is a much better way to bring awareness to what you are trying to say.

Creative Advertising Techniques Using Bookmarking Sites
Yet another creative advertising technique involves using bookmarking sites. I think there are about 200 bookmarking sites as of the writing of this article. Among these, there are some standouts: Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Backflip, and many others. Having bookmarking icons on your site pages is good, but it really doesn't do you any good if no one is using them. In order for an article, offer, product review, etc. to get picked up and sent around for all to see, someone has to start the ball rolling. When people start to actually bookmark what you are offering, then the fun begins. Depending on how good your page is, it has the potential to get viewed by many more people than you could imagine. This is powerful in terms of marketing and in terms of brand and product awareness. Good ideas, products, articles, etc. are sent around the web in this way to thousands of viewers, some of which may have a real interest in pursuing the offering.

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