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About Orange County

We love Orange County. The beaches and sunshine bring a warmth and comfort that make it feel like home. The rich culture and vibrant business climate prompted Trinet to set up shop here in the heart of Irvine in 1995, and is why we love to work with the businesses around this area. If you are looking to grow your business with digital marketing strategies in Orange County then let us help you determine some key factors to consider before selecting an agency.

Digital marketing agencies can vary widely on services and costs. Each agency has different specialties and unique talents that will bring about different results. Yet, every marketing agency claims to be the best, so it is critical to evaluate an agency before and after you make contact.

Here is a quick list of six indicators of performance:

1. The Prospective Agency Website

Has their website won any design or tech awards? Great marketing work is recognized and celebrated by award companies nationwide, and can provide insight to the agency’s best skills.

Trinet has won over 95 awards for both their own website and for their client projects.

Does their website demonstrate technical and strategic mastery? The best indicator that a firm has the required knowledge and talent to deliver on your business requests is to see how they run their own website and digital presence.

Did you get lost or overwhelmed on their website? A well organized and focused website proves that a firm has strong planning and strategy skills that will be applied to your own digital development projects.

Is the website fast and responsive on multiple platforms (read mobile browsers)? More than 50% of browsing is done on mobile phones, so if a marketing agency doesn’t have a mobile friendly website then they are likely either incapable or out of touch with current market trends.

Has the website been updated recently? The best digital marketing agencies often have blogs or expert written content available through whitepapers or articles to share their expertise with potential clients. Reviewing a digital agency’s blog or whitepaper catalog provides insight to how frequently they generate valuable content. In addition, it allows you free perspective about how relevant their expertise is for your specific marketing needs.

2. Portfolio

This is an obvious indicator of a good digital marketing agency. Just look at their previous work and see if it’s any good.

But look closer.

Are their success claims actually measurable statistics or just hyperbolic speech?

Marketing today is rampant with false claims and unfulfilled promises. Social media has fostered the idea that every person with a Facebook or Instagram account is a “marketer”, but few really have a deep understanding of the industry so be aware . Self-proclaimed growth hackers, gurus, and digital strategists try to fool potential clients with their wild claims and titles, but often lack any real credibility or work experience. Avoid the charlatans and look for measurable success with a marketing agency run by professionals.

How wide is their client base and have they worked in your specific industry before?

Each industry has its own nuances and intricacies, and to truly connect with your desired audience it is essential that your marketing efforts respect and reflect that understanding. Orange County has a widely affluent consumer base with a lot of purchasing power, but only the best strategic marketing efforts will separate your business from the competition.

3. Verified Customer Testimonials

As with any business, past client successes are the ultimate measure of a firm’s ability.

Does the business have customer testimonials on their website readily available?

Written testimonials allow clients to express appreciation and refer to detailed specifics about the work that an agency did for them. Lengthy testimonials will help you gauge the details of the agency’s working relationships and may mention key players that contributed to the client’s success.

Video testimonials can say more about an agency in a short amount of time, because only a very satisfied client would be willing to invest the time and energy to endorse an agency on video. Video testimonials can also display the work talked about in overlays or other creative methods which can simplify your hunt for examples.

Online reviews are less likely to be helpful to your search, since often those with a negative experience are far more likely to grind their axe on Google or Yelp than a grateful customer. Reviews are difficult to verify or legitimize, which means there is nearly always more to the story then what is said.

Reach out to their featured clients by phone or email and request information from a verifiable source to get the best information.

4. Social media

Social media is a foundation of marketing today.

A consistent and relevant social media presence proves that an agency understands the platforms and can connect with users effectively.

Agencies typically utilize social media to respond to and engage their followers with fresh content through their business page. Look closely for an agency that responds to comments and make sure they are actually engaging with their audience.

It is easy for an agency to just generate content, but the actual engagement is the critical measure of performance. If they are going to be managing your social media accounts, then you will want them monitoring it all the time. You can verify easily if a digital agency is monitoring and regularly engaging users with their own content as well.

Distributing articles, blog posts, photos, and video content displays the talents of the agency and often much of the content is educational and engaging to attract followers. If their content is featured on blogs or major publications, then you can be sure that they have developed a great reputation in the community.

5. Make the call

Hopefully, if the agency has checked out so far, then you have eliminated a lot of the competition. Now, it’s time to reach out and speak with someone directly.

You’ve done your due-diligence and you have some specific questions you need answered.

Communication is going to be critical to the success of your partnership, so start evaluating the agency as soon as you dial the number.

How is your call answered? A cheerful voice is always the first indicator of a good work environment.

Who are you directed to? Hopefully it is an experienced executive that can answer all of your questions instead of giving you the on-hold run around. Prompt communication is critical.

Have your questions prepared and make sure that you get all of them answered in detail. What services can the agency assist you with directly and how often can you expect to hear from them?

A great phone call will round out your impression of the company well, but there is one last step.

6. Meet the Team

Nothing beats actually spending time with the agency and getting a full tour of their facilities and personnel.

Be wary of meetings in coffee shops or public places. You want to see their professional offices and vet them thoroughly before you lock in to a contract. So many “agencies” are run out of a bedroom with a smartphone and a laptop.

If you really want to understand their capabilities and also get a feel for their work environment, you’re going to have to have a real sit down with them.

Meet the key players and make sure that they are attentive and knowledgeable people that you can trust. Allow them to offer suggestions and solutions for your specific goals and get a detailed plan of attack started early on.

Are you excited? You should be. A great digital marketing company can provide incredible advantages to your company and help you to foster growth for years to come.

The best marketing agency in Orange County is a title that is up for grabs every day, but we hope that these tips will help you determine which agency is the best fit for you.

At Trinet, we strive to provide our clients with the most professional and thorough marketing services available in Orange County. Check us out and give us a call to find out how we can help you achieve your business goals. 949-442-8900

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