Is Website SEO Still a Good Online Marketing Method?

With all the hype about social media and the way these tools can be used to increase traffic and awareness to a website, is traditional website SEO still a valid option for marketing? The answer is yes, and here are some reasons why. The reality about social media is that it works incredibly well for certain types of companies and certain product offerings. In other situations, it does not perform so well. However, SEO typically works well for all types of companies and product offerings due to the fact that people are still using search engines to find things, people, places, companies, and products. Using website SEO is still a very viable way to drive traffic to a website. Whether in a search engine or through a social media channel, good content is still desirable throughout the Internet. When good content is in place, through natural website SEO, it is not only recognized by search engines, but also by people using social media channels. In this way, the content prepared for natural SEO has the potential to get seen on various social media networks. The facts are that, even though social media has gained tremendous validity and users, there are still many people that are not using it, or are using it sparingly. Those same people do use search engines, and the results from those searches. This is why natural website SEO is still a very valid marketing tool.

Natural website SEO is a constantly changing art and science. In order to be effective at implementing this type of online marketing strategy, it is imperative to seek the expertise of a firm that specializes in SEO white hat practices. Ethical SEO is the only way to keep your site in good standing with the search engines your content shows up in. Since 1995, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. has been working with clients all over the country implementing successful website SEO strategies and creating award winning websites. Contact us today to find out more about our SEO, SMO, and SEM strategies at 949.442.8900 or by email at With offices in both Orange County, California and Washington, D.C., and over 30 employees in various specialties, we look forward to speaking to you about your website SEO needs.

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