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Website design for attorneys isn't overly complex, although the right visual impression will create or destroy the attorney's credibility. Often, when people are searching for an attorney for a personal matter, they do not necessarily know who to go to or who to contact for their situation. It is becoming increasingly the "norm" to search for an attorney using the Internet and a search engine to find the services needed. If potential clients stumble across several attorneys' websites, they are instantly looking for the individual lawyer's experience, past successes, and contact information. Subliminally, they are taking in the overall look and feel of the site. This subliminal information has much more impact than you'd think on whether or not they actually decide to call for a consultation. An out-of-date, non-professional looking site will turn people off, no matter what you say to them. People expect a successful attorney to have a website that reflects that level of success and professionalism. Website design for attorneys needs to communicate success, professionalism, consistency across various marketing channels, and a subliminal that says we can help you with your claim.

Since 1995, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. has been creating award-winning website design for attorneys and others in professional service related industries. With every project Trinet completes, one constant remains?design and develop award-winning sites that truly offer a visually appealing and professional presentation while at the same time accomplishing key objectives like attorney successes, experience, and easily obtainable contact information. Not every site Trinet produces is an award-winning site, but that is always the objective. Providing clients with the latest technology in programming and the most visually credible and appealing design is how we approach every project.

Contact Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. today to learn more about our website designs specifically for attorneys. We can be reached at 949.442.8900 or by email at We have an experienced staff of over 30 employees in our corporate headquarters in Orange County, CA and in our second location in Washington, D.C. with specialties in design, development, online marketing including search engine optimization, social media optimization and search engine marketing, consulting, video webcasting, and more. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you regarding your website design needs for your law practice.
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