Is Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency the Right Move?

A digital marketing agency can be a great asset to your business when the right formula is in place. According to a Gartner 2014 CEO Survey, "...Digital Marketing is ranked as the No. 1 CEO Priority." Digital marketing is important, but who is going to be responsible for it? Do you leverage your in house staff, or a digital marketing agency to handle the work?

It is the right time to hire a digital marketing agency to handle your digital initiatives when the following list is a reality for you:
  1. Are There Branding Inconsistencies in the Organization? - About 80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your current customers.1 Creating a dependable, well known, and strong brand takes time and consistency. If your online brand presence is either nonexistent or inconsistent, this could deter your customers from trusting your products or services with their spending.

  2. Is Your Staff being Stretched too Thin? - Relying on staff to keep up with technological trends while doing their desk job may be a lot to handle. Keeping your employees focused on their key strengths will help make your organization become more efficient and productive. If they are constantly on a learning curve with other responsibilities, this may create a bottleneck and prevent productivity for your organization.

  3. Is In-house Marketing For You? - Hiring in-house marketing professionals isn’t the right solution for every organization. If you are experiencing high costs, and unsure how to measure your returns, this may be a red flag. Hiring in-house may just increase overhead and decrease innovative efforts, especially if your staff is more task focused than visionary. Many organizations become outdated and irrelevant if not constantly looking and implementing current trends and technological advances of the industry. Make sure you hire innovative thinkers.
If you have resonated with any of these questions, partnering with an digital marketing agency may be right for you. Here are some things you can expect.

The Agency – How to Select One and What the Focus Should Be
A digital marketing agency offers digital marketing expertise that comes from years of online experience, and adoption and implementation of current and future innovations. Look for organizations with award winning results. Digital marketing agencies will do everything from SEM (PPC), SEO, Social Media marketing, video marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, digital campaigns, viral campaigns, and custom initiatives. They will use methods like AB testing, subject line testing, line segmentation, persona development to drive conversion, mobile compatibility, and much more. One of the most important components of successful initiatives is a digital marketing strategy, which should be completed prior to any campaigns. A well designed and developed strategy will be instrumental in ensuring success and increased ROI.

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