Finding the Right Dallas Internet Marketing Expert

New social media sites, apps, marketing strategies all create a need to find the best Dallas Internet marketing consultant for your business or non-profit.

The biggest concern is that you will hire someone who, for whatever reason, cannot deliver results...which means they don’t deliver ROI, and a worst case scenario, they don't even complete the project. Not only do you waste resources and money, but time is also wasted in the process.

How can you find a Dallas-based Internet marketing agency that can advise and work with your company to produce results and increase your ROI? Here are some things to consider.
  1. How long have they been in business and who are their clients
  2. What areas of the web do they specialize in…very important
  3. Do they have a track record of actually helping clients achieve measurable ROI
  4. Is their approach different than other Internet marketing consultants
It’s seems like an obvious concern, but an important one. How long has the firm been in business? You are not looking for someone that is “experimenting” with a new career, or just getting started. The resources you will use are far too precious to waste on someone’s training project. Go with a consultant who has a long history and client list of successful projects. They are in business because they know how to do it right. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in business for long.

Closely related to time in business is client list. Are they working with small businesses or do you see national well-established and known brands in their client list? This is very important because working with national known brands establishes a level of trust and performance. National brands do not waste time and resources on any Internet marketing consultant who does not deliver. Consider the client list.

What areas of Internet marketing do they specialize in? Are they just a design house, a technology development house, and Internet marketing firm…what do they do? Is it possible for a Dallas web design company to be great at all things? It is possible, and is a reality, but it is very rare. Here is why. Most Dallas web design firms build websites. They do this really well. They come up with cool designs and the sites look great, but that is about where the expertise ends. When it comes to effectively marketing that site, that’s where things get cloudy. They may offer many different things from SEO to SEM, social media campaigns, email marketing, and maybe even online PR, but look deeper. Seek out the actual return on investment clients have seen from those campaigns. What you will find is that there isn’t much of one in most instances. And if there was a return, the consultants usually haven’t tracked the results that well. The reality of it is that most Dallas web design firms are not good Internet marketing consultants. That isn’t their specialty and they don’t do it well. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

You need a digital agency that can deliver actual ROI results and has a track record of doing that for clients. (If you want to get to the point, jump to the bottom of the page and read the last paragraph.)

What is their approach? Many Internet marketing companies in Dallas are really just web design companies that want to make you a pretty website. You really need to demand more. Successful sites today are not just about having a pretty website. Those are really cool, but often don’t do ANYTHING in generating a ROI for the business. That makes it a failure. Most web design and Internet marketing consultants have the same approach, which doesn’t work any longer. Consider an agency who not only produces award winning site designs and comprehensive online marketing strategies, but gets clients ROI.

Website properties today need to generate ROI for your business. The good news is that this is absolutely possible. Trinet Internet Solutions has been in business for over 19 years, with offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Trinet has over 40 strategists, designers, developers, programmers, account managers, and project managers on staff and in-house. Some of Trinet’s corporate clients include Coca Cola, Sony, Toyota, Black & Decker, Whole Foods, and many others. Some of Trinet’s non-profit clients include The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, ADRA, YMCA, MADD, and many others. Trinet gets results for clients, and the ROI is well documented in many case studies. How do they do it…approach. Trinet has a unique approach that involves a detailed strategy and implementation covering the best Internet marketing options for your specific business or non-profit.

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